Go Overseas, your Yelp/Trip advisor for programs abroad


Go Overseas, your Yelp/Trip advisor for programs abroad

with Mitch Gordon & Katie Boyer

Mitch Gordon, President and CEO of  Go Overseas along with Katie Boyer, Volunteer Abroad Marketing Director join Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Mitch Gordon & Katie Boyer discuss the following:

  • What is Go Overseas and what inspired you to start the company?
  • Why should people use Go Overseas?
  • Tell us about some unique ways you’ve marketed Go Overseas.
  • Tell us about the unique company culture you’ve created at Go Overseas.
  • Trends show more and more people every year make travel decisions based on information they find online, tell us more about your unique set of users and clients.

Duration: 10:58

Mitch Gordon, President and CEO

Mitch Gordon is from upstate NY and lived in Taipei, Taiwan for four years before moving to San Francisco, where he currently resides. Mitch is an entrepreneur, starting a number of companies in the field of education. His most recent company, Go Overseas, has quickly become the most trusted resource on the internet for researching study, teach and volunteer abroad programs around the world. Mitch is currently an MBA candidate at Berkeley. When he’s not working you can find him playing sports, hiking, traveling or reading.

Katie Boyer, Volunteer Abroad Marketing Director

Katie studied public relations at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA and is now working with Go Overseas in the Bay Area. Katie has always been an active volunteer in her community and has recently had the chance to volunteer and live in Peru and Mexico. Her experiences with traveling abroad combined with her passion for Latin American culture and community service fuel her writing and creativity.

About Go Overseas

Go Overseas is the Yelp/Trip Advisor for programs abroad: We list every volunteer, study, teach, intern, and gap year abroad program in the world, with Yelp style ratings/reviews and more. Our goal is to help people make more informed and educated decisions when choosing between programs abroad.

Links: www.gooverseas.com

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