Giving the Children of Liberia a Future with the Macdella Cooper Foundation

MacDella Cooper the President and Founder of the MacDella Cooper Foundation joins Enterprise Radio to share the vision of the foundation and information about the upcoming event this Saturday, July 14.

DJ UNIVERSE will host an “ALL WHITE PARTY” at Hamptons hotspot Seasons of Southampton, a benefit for the MacDella Cooper Foundation Academy.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest MacDella Cooper discuss the following:

  • You have a great personal story. How about you tell our listeners a bit about your personal story. What you experienced in Liberia and what made you move to the United States.
  • You created the MacDella Cooper Foundation which gives as many Liberian children as possible the chance to escape the poverty cycle and grow in the nurturing environment of an MCF Academy. Can you tell our audience about your foundation, what you do, how you help Liberian children and also about the MCF Academy and the difference that your foundation and the academy makes in lives of Liberian children.
  • You have a big benefit on Saturday night (7/14/2012) in the Hamptons for your foundation. Can you give our audience some more information on the benefit and other details on the event on Saturday.
  • What are some of the biggest challenges you faced when you got your foundation started?
  • What’s one or two things that our audience can do to help your foundation?
  • Have there been major changes that you have seen in Liberia today that you didn’t see when you left that country to come to the United States?
  • With all the great work that your foundation is doing, what are some major changes that you hope to get accomplished with the great work that your foundation is doing over the next 5 to 10 years?
  • Can you tell our audience about some major initiatives that your foundation is working on over the next 6 to 12 months.

Duration: 15:15

MacDella “Mackie” Cooper, a fashion model turned philanthropist, is the founding president of the Board of Directors of the MacDella Cooper Foundation (MCF) Inc., a not-for-profit charity that provides educational opportunities and basic necessities for abandoned children in her native Liberia. In 1993, MacDella escaped the terror of the Liberian civil war and settled in the United States, where she studied communications at The College of New Jersey on a full academic scholarship.

After graduation, MacDella explored a career in fashion, serving as Marketing and Events Coordinator for Jones Apparel Group, where she helped develop comprehensive marketing strategies for Ralph Lauren, Anne Klein, Jones New York and several other fashion brands including Eredi Pisano and Duca Sartoria. She also directed the marketing and event planning initiatives for the New York Independent Film and Music Festival. In 2004, she founded MCF and began by collecting and shipping supplies to Liberia. The effort grew to incorporate the renovation of Liberian orphanages, annual Christmas parties for Liberian orphans, and soon, the MCF Academy — a tuition-free school set to open its doors to 200 students in Fall 2010.

“Whether you are CEO or a college student, you have the solution to many of the problems our friends in the developing world face,” she wrote in her founder’s letter. “Donating your time, resources, or your funds is a great start.” In addition to her involvement with MCF, MacDella sits on the directorial boards of several charities and private foundations, including the Segal Family Foundation and the Red Cross Tiffany Circle. She lives in Manhattan.

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