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Getting People Interested in Geographic Information Science and Technology with Podcasts

Posted: December 23, 2017 at 10:53 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

If you go to school and major in geographic information science and technology, you can then launch one of the most unique businesses in the world. Deep sea divers, government agencies, research institutes, and private companies need the information that GIST degree holders are known to have. Although there might be some select people in the industry that are happy to share business information for online GIST degree holders, all entrepreneurs should always have more than one way to network. Podcasts are a crucial tool as they are attractive to people who are always seeking knowledge. Here are some of the ways that you may be tempted to use a podcast appearance to increase interest in the geographic information science and technology field, as well as your business.

Available at Home or On Mobile Devices

Just like you can stream the radio online, you can listen to podcasts in different locations. Depending on how they’re broadcast, you can even download them and save them for later. What this means is that podcast listeners are generally a bit more focused than casual radio listeners. When a person searches for a podcast show, he or she has specific parameters in mind. By contrast, radio listeners just stick to their favorite station or casually tune into different broadcasts and settle in once they find something that is at least marginally interesting.

Telling Others About Your Podcast Appearance

If you were to tell people in your area that you’d be appearing on a local radio station, they’d be able to tune in at a specific time. On the other hand, friends and fellow online GIST graduate program students living in other areas would have to find an online stream to listen to you. Podcasts are only online, so anyone interested in science can get insight into what you do and how your business is taking shape. Podcasts can also be rebroadcast at any time in the future, so the cycle of learning can continue. You can even leave a link to your podcast on online websites that your company owns and manages.

Making Science Matter

A lot of scientists make discoveries for the sake of furthering science, but they can also have viable businesses. In other words, don’t feel like you have to sacrifice earning a living for being heavily involved in the scientific field. A podcast interview where you discuss the merits of your business, as well as any leading technologies you are working on, will be heard by the right people at some point. One single podcast can be more influential in your career even years after it is recorded.

Simply continue with your business as usual and use podcasting platforms to connect with other scientists and investors all around the world. Those who appreciate what you are saying will research you. People with questions will contact you so that they can get answers. Others who want to team up on future projects will all make themselves known. A podcast has very few limits in terms of audience size.

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