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The way that we consume entertainment is naturally going to vary as time progresses and the technology that we use evolves. This is probably most easily reflected in the podcast. A few years ago, podcasts were few and far between, with the only exceptions of it only being acceptable to create a podcast in the form of radio play. These days, there are podcasts for almost everything, and individuals from all over the world are tuning in week after week to listen to their favorite shows.  

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The Rise of Gambling Podcasts

Naturally, when it comes to making a podcast, people tend to focus on doing one about activities that they enjoy and that they associate with. One of the most popular hobbies out there at the moment is gambling. This means different gambling podcasts that talk about new casinos, online gambling, sports betting, and physical gambling can be found everywhere.

Because of the popularity of gambling and going to the casino, these podcasts have never struggled to get listeners. That being said, with such a massive range out there, what podcast should you be listening to? Throughout the rest of this article, we will be discussing in more detail some of the best gambling podcasts available on different channels that you can listen to.

Behind the Bets

If you have ever wanted to take a quick look behind the curtain in Vegas, then Behind the Bets is certainly the right podcast for you. Doug Kezirian, the ESPN gambling analyst, hosts this one with an eclectic range of guests and it makes for one of the most innovative listens out there, as they do not just focus on casino games, but also betting on different eSports and some random sports out there for fun. It’s one of the worlds top gambling podcasts, with a following of 25,000 on Twitter, and for good reason, as this is both an entertaining, innovative, and informative listen.  

Gambling with an Edge

This is a podcast that is put together by two pro gamblers, Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin. It’s an excellent choice if you are looking for a listen that is going to help you improve your overall gambling game and work your way up to becoming a pro. It’s currently coming up to its tenthanniversary, meaning when you start listening, you have loads of episodes you can work your way through. You could do these in order or if there is a specific game that you would like to learn more about, then just click on the episodes that focus on these games.

You Can Bet on That

This podcast is much more casual, as You Can Bet on That sets itself apart as a fun listen for anyone and everyone who would like to broaden their gambling horizons. It’s been running since early 2012,and hundreds of different episodes have been released throughout that time. The hosts are Mark DeVol and Dr Mike, who go into a good amount of detail about improving your edge when gambling. The show talks about different games, but there is a particular focus towards poker.

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