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Frequently Asked Questions about DUI in Austin, TX

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As a city in Texas, Austin has strict driving laws and regulations to protect people. Many people in the state may not know about BAC, bail bonds, and much more. Read more to get an idea about different aspects of DUI in Austin.

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When is a Driver Charged with DUI? 

DUI is a serious offense in every state of America. The country considers it a serious felony and has made strict driving laws to deal with this crime. You will face charges when caught with the following:

  • You have harmed someone while drunk driving.
  • You already have several DUI convictions.
  • Your blood alcohol content is higher than the statutory level.

What is a BAC Limit? 

BAC or blood alcohol content defines the suggested level of alcohol content in the driver’s blood. If a driver exceeds this level, they may not be fit to drive safely. Moreover, driving a car after exceeding the statutory limit for BAC is a criminal offense. 

If the authorities find out that you are driving at a high BAC level, they will charge you with DUI.  You also need to know that the BAC limit of most states, including Texas, is 0.08%.  

Do You Need a Bail Bond?

Depending on your charges, you might have to spend a few nights in jail. However, when you opt for a bail bond, you will not have to complete your sentence. The bail bonds in Austin, TX require paying off the bail, which can vary based on the intensity of your crime. You can also hire a bail bondsman who can pay your bail in full. They will also guarantee in front of the police that you will appear in all hearings.

You also need to know that the court can deny the bail if you have committed a serious crime. In this case, you might have to g back to jail until your trial or hearing.  

What are the Different Types of DUI Tests? 

The state authorities can’t prove that you have committed the crime only for being suspicious. This is why police officers will take few tests for DUI. Here is the major DUI test that you will undergo.

  • FSTs or Field Sobriety Tests- the officer will conduct this test by considering the method of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). In this test, you need to walk straight, count backward, or pick an item from the ground by raising one leg.  
  • Chemical tests- this includes urine, blood, and breath tests using a breathalyzer. These tests give appropriate proof of the DUI in Austin. 

How is Bail Determined?

When you get arrested, you have to come before a judge within 48 hours. The judge will check your test results and crime details to determine whether you’re liable for bail. They will also decide the bail amount in the same hearing. 

The Texas Constitution states that the bail amount should not be difficult to pay. The laws state that the bond amount should be enough that it can serve the state’s purpose, which is to make sure that people come back for the trial and hearing. Besides that, the amount is also a way to penalize the convicted person for their illegal wrongdoings. The judge will also consider your monthly salary to decide the right amount for your violations. Other than that, they can give you bail on certain conditions, such as house arrest or submission of a drug test. 

What is the Difference between DWI and DUI in Austin?

DWI or Driving While Intoxicated are the charges placed against a person who drives while being intoxicated from alcohol. The person should have a BAC level above 0.08% to fall in this category. Moreover, the driver can be charged for taking any alcohol and drugs. Drivers under the age of 21 have to face penalties and punishments if they commit a DWI crime. 

On the other hand, DUI or Driving under the Influence is charged when the driver is under the influence of substances like alcohol, drugs, or even prescription medication that can induce drowsiness. Minors may have to face charges if there is any alcohol in their system. The charges are strict and can lead to the suspension of the driver’s license for several years or even jail. However, minors of age below 21 may get some relief in the penalties and other charges. 

Bottom Line

If you face DUI charges in Austin, it’s best to hire professional lawyers. They can help you navigate through the legal system to reduce your charges and help you get a bail bond to get out of jail. 


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