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frendo, the friendly service provider for non-profit organizations

Posted: September 23, 2012 at 1:06 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Chett Matchett, the Co-Founder and Director of Community Engagement for frendo that is a friendly service provider for non-profits joins Enterprise Radio. frendo offers a variety of services from fee-free online donations to full-scale consulting work. Chett uses her passion to learn, connect, and discover, to build long lasting relationships with non-profits.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Chett Matchett discuss the following:

  • What have been some challenges that frendo has faced as a startup company?
  • What is the ‘problem’ that frendo is helping to solve?
  • How does social media sharing change the way that people donate?
  • Why would traditional businesses want to publicly align with certain non-profits?
  • What’s the best way for businesses to connect with non-profits?

Duration: 9:14

In 2009, Chett graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota with a bachelors degree in Communications, two minors in Journalism and Philosophy, and with the passion, drive, and desire to do something significant in the world. All the stars aligned when the Canadian-born mountain lover moved to Calgary, Alberta in January 2010, and immediately met the group of people that would eventually build frendo. After discovering and researching different problems in the non-profit sector that really didn’t make any sense to them, frendo was born with the commitment to be the friendliest service provider for non-profits.  When this shameless idealist isn’t busy connecting, communicating, and engaging people about frendo, she spends her time rocking out triathlons, biking, volunteering, socializing, and drinking her oh-so-beloved green smoothies.

The frendo Story
In 2009, an unfriendly trend came to our attention. We found out that from online donations, $250 million dollars in profit went to credit card companies. It can be reasonably assumed that even more money didn’t make it to the intended destination: non-profits. That’s because the credit card companies and other transfer agents who helped move the money charge charities up to 15% in transaction fees. OUCH!

Should receiving donations really have to cost non-profits millions of dollars annually? Does a donation to a non-profit have to cost anything? We believe in giving that is pure. Ensuring donations are undiluted by fees wherever possible is what we’re all about. (This is back-to-basics giving.) That’s why we created frendo.

Some have asked: How can frendo do it for free? We use our own proven proprietary payment transfer engine, which allows us to provide fee-free online donations through electronic fund transfers (EFT) and automated clearing house (ACH), otherwise known as bank to bank account transfers. And we also provide non-profits with the option to receive donations through credit cards with a low transaction fee of 2.9%.

While frendo may be new, the process isn’t. Our partner banking institutions use the same type of technology that directly deposits paychecks into tens of millions of bank
accounts every month.

frendo also uses our experience in marketing, technology, and fundraising to provide non-profits with a set of tools they can use to optimize their fundraising efforts. All of these services have been built with the non-profit in mind, so everything is cost efficient, effective, and easy to use. We also have a dedicated team that ensures every non-profit using frendo feels comfortable through every step of the process.

Imagine a world where your organization’s supporters donate online monthly, weekly, and even daily, and then share those donations with frendo’s built in social sharing
capabilities. Just imagine how far each dollar will go…That’s why we believe this new approach to giving is going to have a mega-effect. That’s the new standard of giving. That’s the friendly money movement. That’s frendo.

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