Four Ways Good Shopping Cart Software Makes eCommerce Easier

Making a living selling online is not easy, as you may already know, but if you are currently selling your products on an auction or fixed listing website, there is an easier, less time consuming way to go about it. You can sell from your own website; however, the key to success when doing this is to have a good shopping cart program. The following are just a few of the reasons why this is true.

Automatic inventory adjustment

Inventory is a big problem for an online business owner, but if you have good shopping cart software, then you will have your inventory adjusted after each sale. This can be a great time saver, and it also makes your inventory, at any given time, more accurate than if you were to adjust everything manually. In addition, this type of software can alert you to inventory levels that are reaching a low point, so you will have time to reorder merchandise. This helps your sales by never running out of your most popular selling times.

Automated shipping

This includes a selection of shipping methods and carriers. Online customers often have a preferred company they like to have their items shipped by, so if you are able to offer more than one shipping service, then good shopping cart software will be able to handle this automatically. The same is true with offering a variety of shipping times. You can offer expedited shipping, at an additional cost, and the software will calculate this for the customer. Any applicable sales tax can be added in based upon a customer’s address. Coupons and other discounts can also be calculated automatically as well.

Automatic payment selection

A shopping cart will allow your customer to choose from among several ways to pay for merchandise. There have been many studies showing that the more payment options that are offered to an online customer, the greater a company’s sales will be. People like choice, but more importantly, certain online shoppers have a preferred method of payment. The more option you offer them, the better chance they will place the order and not abandon their shopping cart. When you are selling on another website, you are only able to offer whatever payment method is allowed by the host company. Sometimes this is a single payment option, so your sales will be limited by this.

Automated emails

Once an order has been placed and paid for, an order confirmation email can be sent to a customer. When the order is shipped, a second email for shipping confirmation can be sent to the customer. Shopping cart software will be able to do this without any input from you. Some shopping carts integrate with list building software, while others may already have this function. The emails for your customers can be saved for later use. Having this type of list can be a great advantage for an online business.

The above four ways that good shopping cart ecommerce software can help your online business are only a partial list of the advantages in using one. In general, a good shopping cart program helps to automate significant aspects of your business, and anything that saves time will save you money. This means greater profits to a business owner.

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