Formula for Success

Todd Falcone joins EPN for episode 2 of the MLM Power Hour. With the conclusion of a 2 part broadcast “Formula for Success” he states the 3 key areas to this formula are Mindset, Skillset & Action = Results! Beliefs will impact your business. Do you believe in what you are doing or what business you are marketing? We all need to inquire skills to gain great strides that lead to success. The most important skill is learning how to communicate your business with your potential client. Skillset is strengthened by learning, listening and practicing what you have learned daily. Use your leaders expertise to learn the skill of communication & listen – if we listen we will learn!

The number one activity & the only way to make money in network marketing is through business exposure. Without business exposure you will never make money! Whether it’s the grocery store, coffee shop or a party…learn how to give your business exposure and leave the potential client interested to know more. How do we talk to the warm market? By learning to build relationships & getting good at it and strive to improve what we do in network marketing. Let’s face it, some people are better than others, but the good news is you can learn the skills that it takes to change where you are at today. You can get better if you chose to. It a choice. We have freedom of choice if we chose to get serious about our business.

Action: Get your head screwed on strait and put into action the mindset (belief) & skillset (communication)…Mindset, Skillset & Action = Results – A Winning Formula for Success!

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