For the Love of Cars

Cars make you happy. You might be extremely proud of the fact, or slightly embarrassed. Either way, the truth can’t be denied: one of your greatest passions in life is engines.

If you do have a passion for cars, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Whether you fondly remember tinkering with engines with your dad, hands covered in black grease, while the radio played in the garage; or if you just love things that go VROOM, a love of cars is a common passion. It might be time to take yours past a simple appreciation and do something adventurous. If you love engines so much, maybe it’s time to invest some of that passion.

One of the simplest ways to gain a thrill is to buy a new car. There’s nothing like new car smell, a shiny exterior, and the low-to-nonexistent mileage on a new car. Instead of feeling cheap and suppressed in a small, bumbling vehicle, you can spend your driving time somewhere new. A new car, whether new-used or brand-new, always feels like a luxury, a gift. If cars really are important to you, then maybe you should do this for yourself: get a car that makes you feel excited about life. Like this car dealership in Holden, there’s always somewhere exciting to browse.

Another, more complex way for you to invest in your love of engines is to learn to repair them. You may have never considered a career in maintenance, but a good auto technician is in high demand. As fewer people train to become one, the more valuable you’ll be. Not only would you be assured of a job forever, you’d be doing what you love. And really, what better way is there to spend your time? Instead of engines being a hobby, they can be your source of income. If the idea of fixing engines for the rest of your life sounds a little bit like Christmas morning, go for it.  It’s never too late to become an Automotive and Diesel Technician.

You’ve loved cars since you were a kid. Whether you dreamed of becoming a race car driver, or whether you now have fifteen vintage cars displayed on your lawn, your passion is a thing of pride. You love the way a car fits together the way doctors must love human anatomy. Everyone was born to find certain passions, and you’ve found one of yours in engines. Whether you took the lawn mower apart as a kid and put it back together, or whether you looked at sports car magazines, you and cars have always been an item. There’s something very constant about cars: you always know how they fit together.

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