Follow These Definitive Steps To Grow Your Beard in Certain Direction

Something that everyone should have a choice about is the hairstyle they want to present along with their fashion sense, and while a lot of people do have that luck, some men do not. In order to easily grow your hair and beard, the best step you can do is get a hair transplant procedure. Modern procedures are quite refined, and they give fantastic results.

Modern hair transplant procedures

In the past, hair transplant procedures have certainly been frowned upon. Not only because the maintenance of newly transplanted hair was incredibly long and exhausting for the patient, but also because it had a very high chance of failure. This was especially noticed on transplants done on a spot with no hair at all, where the patient would indeed gain hair, but it would be very patchy.

Today, things are very different, and how could they not, surgeons had years to perfect and upgrade the procedure. The technique used today is called FUE hair transplantation, which stands for follicular unit extraction. It allows the surgeons to harvest hair follicles from various areas of the body and implement them to the desired area, giving the patient hair that they lost with age, or never had to begin with.

If you wish to find out more about FUE hair transplantation, you can visit, or you can consult with a professional at your local clinic. It is highly recommended to do so if you are skeptical about the procedure, especially if you wish to improve your hairline.

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Obtaining a beard is also possible

Many men care about their hairline as male pattern baldness is very common. However, a lot of men also have the desire to grow a beard and are just unable to do so due to their genetics or some kind of illness. With FUE hair transplant, getting a nice beard is very simple, and the hair from your beard and the transplanted hair will mirror one another, which will not allow others to know about the procedure.

Regarding the beard transplant cost in Mumbai, it really depends on what you are looking for. If you have no facial hair, you will probably have to go through a couple of sessions, and you will need a lot of hair follicles transplanted to your face, which increases the cost. On the other hand, if you only want a smaller patch filled up with some extra hair to thicken your beard, the cost is not going to be that high.

Final word

Modern medicine and cosmetic procedures allow everyone to finally get the looks that they have always wanted, and unlike before, the procedures are more effective and they are also much safer for the patient. The FUE technique is quite a game-changer, and you should certainly find a surgeon who is familiar with it if you want to see some incredible results.

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