Five reasons why Michigan is the best state for employment

It is easy to see that Michigan is a great place to work and build your career. If you urgently need resume writing help– look no further! Visit SkillHub’s service and let the online resume writers in Detroit make a perfect resume tailored to your needs. Here are some more reasons to live and work in Michigan.

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Employment opportunities continue to increase

Michigan added 7,300 new jobs in February 2015. This was in one month. The state has added 89,900 jobs in the last year. The top growth industry is professional. There were also another 20,200 manufacturing jobs. With the growth of employment, many job positions were opened. Because of many job openings, you need to be prepared and have a top-notch resume and cover letter; feel free to reach out to Chicago resume services and get the final product in no time.

Michigan has two of the most in-demand and highest-paying careers of tomorrow

Two specific occupations– registered nurses and customer service representatives are expected to keep growing, and both industries are found in Michigan. The expected 20 percent increase in nursing jobs between 2008 and 2018 is a boon.

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Michigan’s economy continues to grow all across

Michigan’s economic prosperity was felt in many areas, especially in the state’s western region. Grand Rapids has seen significant manufacturing, finance, and real estate growth. The region saw a 3.9% increase in gross domestic product.

Michigan has many growing industries

Michigan has many opportunities, including advanced manufacturing, defense, and information technology. For example, Michigan is the number one state for industrial and mechanical engineers, with more trucks and cars than any other. You can find some of the fastest-growing businesses you might be interested in here.

In addition, Michigan’s high-tech startup scene is growing rapidly, making it an attractive place to work in the information technology sector. For example, you can do research and prepare yourself for the most important interview questions for digital marketers on this link. This article covers even more, so dive in and be prepared for everything!

It’s amazing to have a “life” outside of work balance

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is the largest Michigan health insurance company with more than 7,000 employees. Their website provides information about career opportunities at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. They have job openings for recent graduates and experienced professionals in accounting, finance, marketing, and sales.

You can still enjoy Michigan’s beautiful natural beauty and great cities when you aren’t working. However, having free time for yourself and your family plays a big role when deciding what job position is perfect for your career growth.

A healthy lifestyle is always important when discussing a well-balanced life. You can read many types of research and see how much nature can help your mental health and well-being. If you need some ideas and want to visit new places but don’t know where to start, read this article and discover Michigan’s natural wonders that will leave you speechless and help you relax.

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