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American radio internet provider Fit Radio Founder and CEO Rusty Greene joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio to talk about how the right music can impact your workout.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Rusty Greene discuss the following:

  • Tell us the history of Fit Radio. How did you get started?
  • I understand Fit Radio is the leader in the marketplace. What makes it so popular, and what differentiates you from your competitors?
  • Do you believe music is the key to a really good workout? Please expand…
  • Are there any genres of music that are more popular than others these days?
  • Can you give me a simple 1,2,3 of how the app works?
  • As an entrepreneur, can you provide advice to those who are looking to launch an app in the marketplace. Any lessons learned?
  • How much does a subscription cost to Fit Radio? Where can I go to download the app?

After receiving multiple requests for live DJ mixes from his staff, friends, clients, and partygoers, Russell Greene realized there was a huge, untouched market right at his fingertips. Based on his insight and on-the-ground perspectives, Russell was inspired to create FIT Radio from the ground up, and has since overseen virtually every operative step that the company has taken in the positive direction of brand messaging, networking, and establishing and reaching out to a growing consumer base.

Having made strong relationships with hundreds of DJs across the country, working as an executive operator within the club environment where he has become familiar with the market for club music, and the fact that this music is not made readily available to the public, the decision to found FIT Radio was an easy one for Russell. His professional relationships combined with his established knowledgebase in the nightlife industry have functioned as springboards for the founder, who in turn has drawn upon these experiences to boost FIT Radio into its initial stages of development and success.

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