Finding Out Popular Places in a City Right Now

Four months back, real time search engine Sency launched Sency for Cities . The initiative allowed Sency to see what’s being said right now inside of 32 cities across the world. 24 of the cities are major US cities, and the other 8 are international.

There are several advantages to being able to see comments inside of a given city. This can be interesting for politics, market research, celebrity chatter, and of course sports teams. It is interesting to see how your city reacts to your team as compared with how other rival cities reacts. The real time nature of the results help to keep the results fresh and relevant for given search results.

The newest and perhaps most important aspect to Sency for Cities came with the launch of Sency’s places trends. These places trends allow you to see which places are popular now inside of the cities Sency covers. So, at Sency Chicago for example, you are able to see which bars, hotels, and restaurants are popular lately and right now. Visits this page daily can show you where people are going and it can also alert you to new places that you may want to consider visiting.

Sency continues to curate its places trends to remove places such as airports, train stations, from showing up in its results as these places are often as useful and relevant as more interesting places.


Evan Britton
Founder, Sency
Sency – What’s Going On?

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