Finding a Niche and Sticking To It

Russell Saks, Founder & CEO, Tarun Singh, Founder & CMO and Mike Yewdell, Founder &  CSO of Campus Protein – a platform for college students to purchase protein, vitamins, and other supplements, with a presence on over 300 college campuses across the country and 1,500 sales representatives joins Enterprise Fit Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Russell Saks, Tarun Singh and Mike Yewdell, discuss the following:

  1. How/why did Campus Protein start?
  2. Was the execution of the original business plan as successful as planned?
  3. What inspired the idea of using Campus Ambassadors? Tell us more about the program? How many ambassadors do you have? How many campuses are you on?
  4. What is the key to your success?
  5. What advice would you give to other companies attempting to appeal to a very specific market?

Russell Saks (CEO): Russell graduated from Indiana University with a major in Management and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Russell is the CEO and founder of Campus Protein and handles investor relations as well as our overall growth strategy. A big focal point for Russell is ensuring the company is aligned in both our long and short term strategy. Russell has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and started his first business in middle school.

Michael Yewdell (CSO): Michael graduated from Indiana University with a major in Fashion Retail and Merchandising along with a minor in Business and Psychology. Michael is the Chief Sales Officer of Campus Protein, which he joined during his sophomore year of college to help Russell get the company off the ground. Michael handles all sales channels including overseeing our National Sales Manager who runs the Campus Rep Program. Michael also formulates the Campus Protein private line and manages our 3rd party brands, including performing diligence for new brands and nurturing relationships with brands we currently carry.

Tarun Singh (CMO): Tarun graduated from Boston University with a major in International Economics and a minor in Business. Tarun is the Chief Marketing Officer. He is responsible for approving social/marketing campaigns, campus activations, refining our brand voice, and product development. Tarun’s taste and attention to detail have helped us design and flavor our private line to match the caliber of the national brands we work with.

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Twitter: @CampusProtein

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