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Finding a better way to do business

Braith Bamkin
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Braith Bamkin

Braith Bamkin the Executive Director of BNI Melbourne West and Geelong – one of BNI’s most successful regions globally joins Enterprise Radio. Braith is a highly sought after trainer in referral marketing and trains thousands of people every year on building business through referrals.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with eAustralia, our Australian entrepreneurs & business owners.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Braith Bamkin discuss the following:

  • Tell us about BNI and your region.
  • How long have you been working with BNI and how did you come about owning the region?
  • What’s the difference between networking and referrals?
  • Do you go to networking events, and if so how often?
  • You are doing a lot of training, helping people to build a word of mouth business, tell us about that.
  • Do you offer this to non BNI members?  Why?
  • What do your courses look like?
  • Where can people register for your course and or courses and how can they been in touch accordingly?

With over 2 decades of training retail sales personnel behind him and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Braith Bamkin has strategically positioned himself as a master trainer well suited to any challenge.  Add to this degrees in marketing and psychology and a career of successfully carrying out executive functions in three top telecommunications companies and it’s easy to see why his skill set, expertise and knowledge are highly sought after.

Currently, Braith is the Owner/Director of the BNI Melbourne West and Geelong Franchise.  This means his vast reserve of business expertise is available to all his BNI members and he frequently imparts this in the regular training programs.  Benefits of the training include how to recognise referral opportunities and networking tips, tactics to maximise word-of-mouth marketing and business growth strategies, public speaking tips and opportunities to sell your business to other members and visitors and the increased confidence necessary to carry this out.

Braith is one of the few trainers in the marketplace today who comprehends that networking is a highly valued business skill.  Additionally, training people to be proficient at it is a natural extension of sales training.  After all, networking leads to sales.

Being formally trained in psychology, Braith is acutely aware that bringing about changes in behaviour will result in changed outcomes.  So, whether he is conducting training in public speaking or business growth, he reinforces the adoption of the habits of success.  This is a topic he also passionately addresses when delivering his many keynote speeches at various conferences.  Further, because of his rich networking skills, he is often called upon to deliver addresses on this topic as well as how to productively market your small business and building enduring business relationships.  And all this boils down quite neatly – succeeding in business is about farming, not hunting.

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