Features of a good serviced office for rent

If you own a small business and are looking for an affordable place to establish your operations, you may not want to take the plunge by renting a building, leasing an entire floor of an office tower, or purchasing and managing your property. One of the best alternatives may be serviced office space. With this option, you can rent out office space on an hourly basis to suit your needs for as short as one day up to several years. Here are the features of a good serviced office for rent.

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Accessibility to your workplace should be a priority for you, and this will determine how efficient your work at the office for rent will be. In particular, the office’s location for rent includes the most critical aspects you cannot assume so that you can easily access the place and commute to your work. A good idea is to search for an office near shops, restaurants, and other local businesses you need to visit. That will help you save some time and money because commuting can be a hassle, but it will save your time and money if it is located near a place you frequent constantly.


If possible, look for an office known as clean and hygienic before renting out an office for rent. The main point is to prevent being affected by any airborne or other infections in the workplace. That will surely create a positive impression on your employees and save your company from any legal challenges in a court of law.


Serviced offices that are a little more upmarket will have CCTV, security guards, or an emergency call feature to contact the police in case of an intruder. The last aspect you want to be worried about is leaving valuables around with lots of people coming and going to your workplace, and it is always reassuring to see a security presence.

Meeting rooms

A serviced office is the perfect place for meetings with clients, whether for a social meeting or an important business meeting. Some serviced offices even have video conferencing facilities that can make meetings easy and convenient wherever you happen to be situated.


The best-serviced offices have a kitchen. Not just for breakfast, lunch, and dinners but to prepare hot and cold drinks, snacks, snacks, and sandwiches. It is advisable to check whether you can use the facilities at all times of the day or require permission from the landlord before preparing food there. Serviced offices can work with a microwave or a small kitchenette that might not be as healthy for you, but it may be your only option if you are usually in the office on the run.


The good idea is to choose an office that offers you many amenities you need for your business growth without purchasing them yourself. For instance, when looking for a serviced office in Kuala Lumpur, amenities like the fax and copy machine should be available so that you will not need to buy these machines anymore. In this way, you can save space by not having to place them in your office.

Pet friendly

If you do not want to be away from your dog during long hours at work, several serviced offices allow pets to be around.

Serviced offices are more affordable than traditional options because they provide more than just a room with four walls and some desks inside it—they offer professional services like high-speed internet access, telephone service with voice mail, and conference rooms ready upon request. Depending on the provider and the location you rent, you may also access walking routes, showers, and computer rooms. The total cost of serviced office space is usually lower than renting an entire floor or leasing a property because it allows you to use shared facilities.

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