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Eyal Nachum’s Message: To All the Young People

Posted: January 27, 2020 at 5:58 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The human being started his life by manipulating and taking the advantage of the available resources in his surroundings i.e. trees, water, stones, herbs, mineral and the man-friendly animals like cows, horses and dogs etc.

With the initiation of the human brain, SMEs, the small and medium enterprises activated, that further started to add the value and worth to the resources available and formed living hoods and shelters in caves of mountains and trees, produced fruits, grains and vegetables through farming and agriculture.

With the human brain power, the human also expanded and griped control over different animals and control their strong points for movement and transportation to the odd and remote areas. Hence, the man revealed the extra utilizable items that were hidden in deserts, mountains, sea and rivers. This procedure of adding value in natural resources curved into proficiency, skills and professions, conversation of which was altered into SMEs. small and medium enterprises businesses.

Bruc Bond is also a bridge that links Small and Medium sized Enterprises businesses with banks. It helps to improve and manage the rigid and drawn out processes conventionally connected with business banking. 

Bruc Bond, its former name is Moneta International, is a top firm of business banking. The firm has reinforced its leadership and management team in their new offices launched all around the world. The aim of the company is to lead and grow the financial sector with customizable products presentation, sustainability and an open communication to make the banking of 21st century, simple, easy, straightforward and transparent.

Mr. Eyal Nachum, who is the Executive at Bruc Bond, said; “At Bruc Bond, our aim is to appeal and retain the top international aptitude personalities from all industries and backgrounds. First and foremost, we trust in our instinct and insights, and always quantity people by their attitude and personality before even watching their career backgrounds and CVs.

Eyal Nachum is a fintech guru and also a board member at Bruc Bond. He says, “it is the time now, to grip the open banking tight along with all the collaboration it can fetch. The rewards of working together with other benefactors far compensate the dangers of loosening control.”

According to the Executive Eyal Nachum, we do not need to unite everything under the same roof, but we do need a tighter integration, that is necessary and possible too. If we observe the Singapore, we will see that one of the country’s top banks, DBS, introducing its own car marketplace in a corporation with Carro and sgCarMart. Another chief Singaporean bank, UOB, has recently threw its own travel marketplace. These creative and inventive quests can be proved as a lighthouse to European banks, who should engage whatever possible ways to pick up points from their counterparts in Asian countries.

Further Mr. Nachum also wrote, recently in a paper for the Global Banking & Finance Review. He said, there are so many pathways to the bright future of open banking, and each distinct financial institute will need to choose that which path will lead them to the utmost prosperity and success. However, there are few things, which need to be clear in our minds. Trying to copy the Chinese examples of Alibaba and Tencent would be thoughtless and silly. Instead of this, at Bruc Bond, we have faith in tight-knit, close cooperation between service providers, financial institutions, local authorities and commercial business, that these terms collectively can make the right track visible to a bright future.

Such combination would provide keys to the many pains felt by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) due the disorders in the European banking industry. 

Eyal says, At Bruc Bond, we have sureness that our uneasiness is only our own to feel. Our clients and consumers only deserve the best from us, and for this assurance we firmly believe in open and clear communication at all times. We trust in our clients and that they deserve all the access to our devotion and to their data as well, so we established ways to give them just best. We would like our colleagues and equals to see the world by adopting similar approaches. As it is the only method to producing a more secure, safe and trusting future for all of us.

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