Everything you need to know about Super Green Malay Kratom

What is so super about Super green Malay kratom (SGM)? Well, it is a popular kratom strain among its users. Green kratom leaves are typically a mix between White vein Malay and Red vein Malay. The SGM kratom differs from other green vein kratom strains in terms of its processing and harvesting techniques, resulting in an entirely different and powerful product. Through this article, we will study all details of super green Malay kratom.

About green Malay Kratom

Super Malay is native to Malaysian islands and is known as “jack of all trades” because of its sustainable effects and versatility. The tropical climate of the Malaysian island works perfectly for growing potent strains like this. The uncommon soil composition in the forests of southeast Asia has a direct influence on the growth of kratom trees, allowing their leaves to grow to the full extent. This magical herb has many features to rank for its quality. It has a deep earthy aroma due to the natural compounds present in this strain. Its aroma will surely make you go crazy about it.

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Even though green Malay kratom is a member of the green vein Kratom family, it does have some different chemical composition that makes it unique. The phytochemical assay test shows that this strain has a high amount of alkaloid content. It consists of 40 different active alkaloids with extraordinary Mitragynine concentration.

The prime alkaloids that are responsible for the effects it shows are Mitragynine,  7- hydroxy mitragynine, Corynantheidine (Rauhimebine) and Mitraphylline.

Its different harvesting and processing techniques make it a super strain. Kratom leaves are harvested when the plant reaches its ideal maturity. The maturity of the plant at the time of harvesting plays an important role in the formation of the alkaloid profile of the Kratom strain. Green and White strains are made from leaves harvested from young plants while Red strains are made from leaves of fully matured plants.

The unique part of green Malay production is that the farmers use a shifting method to remove the stems that contain low alkaloid content. After this only, the leaves are crushed to make Kratom powder. This whole process takes extra time and labour to make it more effective and potent. The key to enjoy the product once in powder form is to apply the proper storage techniques and know how long does Kratom stay fresh.

Super green Malay kratom is often referred to as Elephant kratom.  The term “Elephant” specifies that this strain is made up of the most significant leaves of size between 100-180 mm with an oval in shape and these leaves look like large elephant ears.

The benefits of using super green Malay

The alkaloids present in Green Malay produce effects like mood enhancement and overall health improvement. Green Malay kratom is beneficial in several ways. Following are some benefits of super Malay kratom-

  1. Can help with your depression and anxiety

Kratom works via the opioid receptor pathway like chemical opioids because of the presence of Mitragynine alkaloid present in it. According to the latest research, it is proved that this Super Green Malay Bulk kratom helps boost mood and help get rid of anxiety and depression.

  1. Highly potent

Green Malay is famous for its potency. It helps improve energy levels and effects kick in quickly. Its effect lasts longer as compared to other strains of kratom. This is because of its high concentration of alkaloid and unique combination of active compounds in this strain. This property helps consumers to attain long-lasting effects and makes it highly efficient.

  1.   It helps improve brain performance

Allopathic medicines and their long term usage can have dangerous side effects. Malay kratom helps in improving brain performance in a much safer way. The natural active compounds and alkaloids in this variant improve and increase the blood flow in the brain, it helps in relaxing your mind and so you can concentrate better and can increase your productivity. It also increases focus and alertness along with your productivity. Consuming green Malay kratom will help in finishing all your daily tasks much quicker and effectively.

  1. Helps in improving physical performance

Your physical health is directly dependent on the balance of nutrients in your body. This aforementioned kratom improves digestion and keeps your immune system healthy thereby enhancing physical performance.

  1. Helps alleviate chronic pain

Experiencing body aches and muscle pain is common as we grow older. This is because the muscles and cartilages in our body get worked up and exercised endlessly. Another reason behind the occurrence of pain can be past injuries or the weakening of bones. And persistent pain can lead to a lower quality of life. SGM works best for relieving and minimizing chronic pain conditions. It helps in relaxing your body and relieving tension that is a factor in muscle pain.

  1. It helps keep your emotions under control

All the natural herbs are efficient in addressing mental and emotional symptoms that you might experience once in your life. The green Malay variant is not only effective in treating physical problems but is also a better option to relieve you from all your worries.

There are some mild side effects of using Super Malay kratom. However, a study says that up till now, no one has experienced any severe side effects after consuming this variant. Some of the mild side effects associated with it are Excess sweating, Light vomiting, Giddiness, Loss of appetite for some time, Mild headaches, Unclear vision for some time.

Different forms to consume green Malay Kratom

Super Malay is available in various forms like powders, capsules and tinctures. These products can be consumed in different ways. You can have it in the form of tea or can mix it in your daily food, blend it in smoothies and juices or can simply take in the form of capsules. Although capsules are the easiest way to consume green Malay kratom as it is easy to ingest.

Several factors need to be considered while having the dosage of this indicates strain.

  • For achieving focus and concentration it is recommended to take 2-4gms only.
  • For discomfort alleviation and moderate focus, you can take 4-6 grams.
  • For relief from pain and relaxation, 8-10 gms should be taken.

The super green Malay Kratom is an extraordinary Kratom strain. The combination of its alkaloid makes it very potent and recreational use. It has a very quick but long-lasting effect. However, for beginners, it is advisable to take medical advice and start with smaller doses.

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