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Addiction comes in many forms. When most people think about addiction, they only think of drugs, but there are so many other types of addiction. Not every addict has needle marks or damaged skin. Every addict does not have constant rings around their eyes or the smell of alcohol on their breath. Not all addicts show outward signs of their addiction. Sometimes, the face of addiction is the laughing best friend or the bubbly co-worker. Some addictions are on a different level altogether. However, all addictions are equally difficult and cause personal problems. Addictions put a strain on a person’s relationships and personal lives in general. The key to dealing with any type of addiction is to seek help as soon as possible. Thankfully, there are places like Lifeworks Recovery to help you through and beat the addiction. There are many rehab facilities for the common addictions such as various drugs and alcohol, but in the case of Lifeworks and others like it, they specialize in very specific addictions. Here, we will explore the types of addictions that Lifeworks specializes in, the types of treatments they offer, and much more.

First, consider the type of addictions that is treated at Lifeworks Recovery. This facility specializes in addictions relating to sex and relationships. This includes addiction to sex, porn, love, and cybersex. They also offer treatment for PTSD, codependency, grief, depression, and alcohol addiction. Essentially, they treat things that can affect your romantic relationships and sexual well being. Interpersonal relationships are vital to a healthy mind, if anything is adversely affecting these relationships, it can be damaging in a myriad of ways. They have many different treatments available for each type of addiction and other issues. Remember that you will not be judged here, so do not hesitate to reach out for help due to a fear of ridicule or judgment. The fantastic people at Lifeworks have seen just about everything, whatever you or your loved one is dealing with, it will not be shocking to them.

If you are unsure if your love of porn or sex is verging on addiction, there is a test on the Lifeworks website that only takes a few minutes of your time. This test will help you determine whether or not you are actually addicted. If the test reveals that you most likely have an addiction, there will be information about seeking further assessment in person. The only way deal with an addiction is to confront it headlong. Do not be afraid of the process, a counselor will be able to advise the best course of action for your particular situation. Remember that everyone does not need the exact same type of treatment, everyone is different and everyone’s situation is different. Therefore, everyone needs a specific treatment plan.

Now, consider the different types of treatment Lifeworks offers. The first type of treatment to consider is directed specifically at teenagers. Many addiction and interpersonal problems begin in adolescence, therefore, it is important to begin treatment as soon as any signs of a problem appear. Next, they offer individual counseling sessions. This is ideal for many people. They also offer group therapy sessions for anyone who would benefit from sharing their story amongst their peers. Couples therapy and marriage counseling are also available to help couples deal with addiction, grief, or anything else that may affect the relationship. They also offer coaching and specialized stress reduction techniques. Looking for something else? Lifeworks also has intensives, groups, and workshops regularly. Depending on your exact combination, your therapist may recommend any one of these treatments or any combination thereof.

When it comes to addictions, the hardest step is to acknowledge the problem and make an appointment. Making an appointment with Lifeworks is incredibly easy. There are several ways to do it. You can call the facility and set up an appointment through the receptionist. You can also make an appointment through their website. There is a simple form to fill out that will allow you to set an appointment that conforms to your schedule. If you want an option that is even more discreet, there is a link on the appointments page of the Lifeworks website that will allow you to get directly in touch with the care coordinator. If you are still hesitating about making an appointment, take a smaller step by taking the online test to determine your level of addiction.

If you feel like a loved one is struggling with any type of addiction, be honest with them. It will not be an easy conversion, in fact, it will likely be incredibly difficult. If you care about someone, it will be worth it in the end. Many people are in denial about their addictions, other problems as well. These types of problems will have an adverse effect on relationships and the longer they go unchecked, the worse the problems become. The sooner you confront your loved one, the sooner they can come to terms with their addiction and seek help. They will most assuredly be angry at first, but after they come to terms, they will be grateful. If you do not know how to approach the subject with your loved one, contact the professionals at Lifeworks and they will be able to guide you. Living with someone dealing with addiction will take its own toll, do not be afraid to seek counseling for yourself to help you handle the situation.

Lifeworks Recovery provides certified counselors including certified sex therapists. The counselors are there to help you and your partner, spouse, or family through your addiction. You will not be helping yourself or your loved ones avoiding your problems. The best thing to do is confront your problems and seek help. Take the plunge and talk to someone, anyone. Talk to a friend, a sibling, parent, cousin, spouse, partner, anyone you can confide in. The entire process will be easier after you get everything on the table so to speak. Once you have voiced your fears, our desires, your addiction, a weight will be instantly lifted from your shoulders.

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