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Event Talk – Episode 22: Hiring a video production company for your events

Posted: December 8, 2014 at 9:05 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)


Joel Cunningham, Co-Owner & Head of Video Production for Parametric Studios, a Phoenix, Arizona-based video production company joins Event TALK to share tips to hire a Video Production Company for your event.

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Listen to Eric Dye & guest Joel Cunningham discuss the following:

  • As planners consider bringing on a video production company for an event, what do they need to think about before reaching out to you?
  • What specific information do companies like yours typically need from planners to develop an as accurate as possible proposal for service?
  • As planners receive and review a proposal for video production, what do they need look for and what do they need to understand in order to avoid frustration during the project?
  • Going on site, how can planners best support the video production process?
  • What are your top 3 tips for planners to insure that a video project turns out exactly as they wanted?

Duration: 9:29

Born on the East Coast but raised Arizona, Joel is the co-owner & co-founder of Parametric Studios. Having studied at SCC and ASU, Joel began acting at the age of 5, which would go on to ignite his passion for video production. Joel has worked in video and film production for the last fifteen years with roles such as cinematographer, writer, director, and producer for anything from corporate events & videos to feature film shoots. In addition to his production experience and work at Parametric Studios, he has had experience with film distribution and marketing, and is currently serving on the board as Treasurer for the children’s organization Young Ones United. You can reach Joel direct at either by email at or by phone 480.220.8444.

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