Event TALK – Episode 20: Top tips for hiring an AV company for your event


Will Curran, President of Phoenix-based Endless Entertainment, an event production company joins Event TALK to talk about the important things event planners need to think about when planning on hiring a production company.

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Listen to Eric Dye & guest Will Curran discuss the following:

  • Prior to contacting an AV or Production Company, what do event or meeting planners need to think about so they can share an as accurate as possible request for proposal with you?
  • What are some of your biggest challenges in dealing with planners around AV, and how can planners overcome these challenges?
  • At times an AV company is brought on long after a venue contract is negotiated. As such, what do you need planners to negotiate in a venue contract to insure you can do your job as well as possible?
  • What are some recent trends in Audio Visual production?
  • What are your top 3 tips for planners to insure that the production of their event goes off without any issues.

Duration: 20:04

As President of Phoenix, Arizona based Endless Entertainment, Will Curran has been named one of the 40 under 40 event industry leaders, 35 entrepreneurs under the age of 35, and Inc Magazine’s Coolest College Start-up all before graduating college. Will has been producing events since high school when he started his first company and has now worked in production of large events such as Phoenix Comicon, Fiesta Bowl Block Party, and the Color Run. His team’s mission is to simplify the event planning process by creating the equation for an event’s perfect solution. They also relentlessly seek to be the name in customer service in the events industry. From event logistics to business development to technical production, Will Curran has a diverse background in growing events and companies to the next level.

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