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Event Talk – Episode 19: Preventing & Preparing for Risks Associated with Events

Event Talk

Carson Tang, President and CEO of New York-based Carson Worldwide and Chanile Vines, an event specialist based in Toronto, Canada with Chanile Vines Events joins Event TALK to discuss risks associated with events, how one can prepare for and prevent risk, and how to manage it when things go wrong.

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Listen to Eric Dye & guests Carson Tang and Chanile Vines discuss the following:

  • Carson, can you share with us briefly your background and how it relates to today’s show?
  • Chanile, the same question for you, how does your background relate to today’s show?
  • Chanile, as you start the planning process of your events how do you evaluate the risks associated with that event? What kind of risks or issues do you look for?
  • Carson, once you have discovered the risks, what are the next steps? How can you protect yourself? How do you prepare? What kind of policies, both operational and insurance wise do you put in place?
  • Chanile, how do you engage all of your event staff, vendors, and venues in the prevention of risk?
  • Carson, I understand you have a legal background. How can you legally protect yourself from risk?
  • Chanile, lets say you have fully prepared. You feel 100% confident that you’ve done everything in your power to prevent risk, but something does happen. What steps do you take to manage the situation?
  • Carson & Chanile, can you share with us your top 3 tips a planner should think about in the preparation of an event as it related to risk prevention?

Duration: 20:02

Carson Tang

Carson Tang, President and CEO of Carson Worldwide has produced large scale events in North America including the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Festivals attended by thousands. Mr. Tang has a legal and insurance background with a core competency in event production.

Contact at carsonworldwide.com

Chanile Vines

Chanile Vines is an event specialist based in Toronto, Canada. She is determined to create awe-inspiring events across the globe. She works for one of Toronto’s premier caterers; creating menus for special events in the city.

“Events to me are expressive art, they are created experiences that cannot be duplicated. My passion is to create designs that reflect cultural splendor, architectural intricacies and technological advancement”.

Contact at chanilevinesevents.com

On the next episode of Event Talk:

We are discussing how to negotiate with venues, evaluate contracts and develop win-win partnerships for all stakeholders.

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