European crossover artist Elvira Kalnik’s Magical Child

Singer songwriter Elvira Kalnik who is a European crossover artist who sings a variety of musical styles including contemporary pop, jungle, electronic music with an operatic quality, and gentle rock re-visits the eMusician Podcast. She talks about how her experience at the IMS Interfusion Music Summit 2012.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Elvira Kalnik discuss the following:

  • You have a classical background. Why did you decide to work in other musical styles?
  • Where do you get ideas for your songs?
  • You just came back from California, where you attended IMS Interfusion Music Summit 2012. What is your impression regarding the conference?
  • You ┬ámentioned a new project. How did you come out with this project and why it’s called “Magical Child”?
  • What is your plan for near future?

Duration: 13:46

Elvira first discovered piano when she was 6 years old. After she finished piano school, she started writing songs and performed at different events. First album was recorded prior to her 15th birthday.

Once she understood that she is missing something, she started studying seriously and did so for 6 consecutive years in which she conquered vocal, classic music, theater, and opera.

After her studies, along with working as a host and creator of music television programs in the Ukrainian television at Kiev and as a model, she got heavily involved in music. Elvira experimented and recorded in a variety of musical combinations and styles: being involved in contemporary pop music, personal mixed-style exhibited in her album “INSIDE” (lots of drums with opera voice), and as a lead singer in the “FUSION ORCHESTRA”.

Her album “PEACHY PINK” is a mixture of “gentle rock”, “electronic pop”, “jungle music” and jazz and other styles. The musical ideas were inspired by the lyrics of Edo Kaluski, and supported by many talented musicians.

Currently, Elvira is working on a new electronic project, which will come out soon.

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