Entrepreneurship in the Wedding Industry

Jimm Fritz

Jimmy Fritz, President and Co-Founder of Kennedy Blue and Wedding Shoppe, Inc. joins Enterprise Radio to discuss his entrepreneur journey in launching businesses in the wedding industry.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Jimmy Fritz discuss the following:

  • What made you start Kennedy Blue & become the President of Wedding Shoppe, Inc.?
  • How do you come up with new business strategies and business development?
  • What are your latest strategies and developments you have rolled out that have been successful for your company?
  • Have you encountered struggles leading up the position you hold now? If so, what were they and how did you overcome those issues.
  • Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Jimmy, as the proud President of Kennedy Blue and Wedding Shoppe, Inc., oversees the marketing division, production, sales, and promotions for both companies. Kennedy Blue is a designer line of bridal gowns, wear-again bridesmaid dresses, and men’s neckties with an online presence and their dresses in the Wedding Shoppe, Inc.. The Wedding Shoppe has been a family-owned business since 1977. With their own dress designs, the business has created strong relationships by giving exclusive access to top styles and quality for a low price. From providing personalized, simple, and memorable experiences, their brides always leave happy and excited to start a new chapter of their life.

Kennedy Blue
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Websiteswww.weddingshoppeinc.com | www.Kennedyblue.com

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