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If you’re a resident of Bangkok who is suffering from the stresses and pressure of life in the big city, a Bangkok spa massage may be able to ease your aches and pains and reduce your stress level as well. 

Day spas in Bangkok are all across the city. There is a continual need for their services by people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Reducing your levels of stress is one way to maintain your health. Stress is one of the leading causes of hypertension. By enjoying a relaxing massage, your circulation can be improved, and your stress can be reduced down to a manageable level. 

Many Choices of Spa Massage in Bangkok

There are many choices of massage in Bangkok, depending on which spa you visit. Ayurvedic massage is becoming a popular choice, particularly the ‘Four Hands Massage’ offered by several of the spas in the city. 

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic healing system that was developed over 3,000 years ago. The basis of Ayurveda is that the human body’s health and wellness are determined by keeping the mind, body, and spirit in a delicate balance of harmony. 

A modern Ayurvedic massage uses oils and herbs to help stimulate various areas of the body and lower blood pressure by reducing stress. It can also reduce blood pressure by improving the body’s circulation, which in turn increases your mental alertness by supplying more blood to your brain. 

The Four Hands massage technique employs two massage therapists, working in choreographed movements to massage the body at the same time. The gentle movements of the massage therapists provide relief to aching muscles, sore, and stiff joints and also serve to increase circulation. 

Therapeutic massages target specific problems areas of the body with a concentrated massage treatment that provides relief from knotted and tight muscles in the neck, shoulders, and the limbs of the body. This type of Bangkok spa massage is a popular choice for people who are in a stressful or physical occupation. 

The traditional Thai massage is what most city residents ask for when seeking a spa massage in Bangkok. The slow, stretching action of the massage eases kinks and knots in muscles, limbers up joints, and provides flexibility to ligaments that allow for a greater range of motion in the body. 

Targeted Massages

Besides the therapeutic massage that targets certain groups of muscles, there are also massages that target the scalp and face as well as the hands and feet. 

Foot reflexology, an ancient Chinese practice, uses the same principles as acupressure and acupuncture. It stimulates the nerve endings in your feet to benefit other areas of your body and improve circulation. 

Add a Spa Treatment to Your Massage

Many regular customers of spa massages in Bangkok always add another spa treatment or two to their massage to increase their level of relaxation and heighten the overall massage experience. 

These residents of the city know that maintaining their health and keeping their stress levels low with the ongoing pressures that the city causes takes a holistic approach that the spas of Bangkok provide. 

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