Employee Appreciation Can Make Or Break Your Business

Different Times Of The Year

Now there are agricultural cycles which define the kind of hardships and furloughs your employees will go through during the course of a normal calendar year. Accordingly, that which drives them may shift with the seasons. Certainly, this can be a good thing; but it can develop into an endless grind over the years.

What you want to do as a purveyor of businesses like this—or any businesses, for that matter—is understand your yearly cycles, and strategically plan meetings to properly maintain employee drive going forward. A great way to do that is to tangibly demonstrate your appreciation for those that work with or for your business.

Employee appreciation is incredibly valuable; to the extent that said value is to some degree difficult to over-state. There are many collateral benefits. From a public relations angle, you want those with whom you work (and to whom you provide products or services) to feel as though those they interact with are satisfied and happy in their jobs.

If you treat employees better, they’re more likely to treat clients better, and this is additionally good for your business. Also, when clients understand that your company ethically handles those among its ranks, then supporting you becomes itself a form of political statement, and so trendy.


Employee Recognition Strategies

There are a number of different ways you can show employees that you care. For one thing, work with them on schedules to meet their needs as best you can. The likelihood is that on a 100-person team, you’ll be able to get everyone shuffled together in a way which covers the necessary hours of operation you have while giving each employee the most latitude available.

From here, go to the break-room. Do you make them source their own coffee, cups, and spoons? Cut that out. Provide free coffee, free snacks, and the cups/spoons/paper plate to enjoy these things with. A minimal investment like that makes everybody feel more appreciated, and alleviates part of their daily grind.

Next, be sure that you recognize it whenever employees do their job exceptionally well. Be extremely vocal to the whole company when an employee goes above and beyond. This encourages the individual who put in the extra effort, and it additionally motivates those who haven’t been recognized to do something worth recognizing!

Challenge Coins

If you really want to show appreciation to employees, challenge coin ceremonies are recommendable—if you’re unfamiliar with challenge coins, Embleholics.com gives this exposition: “Challenge coins come with a long tradition as well as an unlimited combination of colors and symbols that represent the person or organization.”

Going with solutions like Embleholics additionally make sense, as this organization is actually owned as well as operated by veterans. The coins have a deep ethic propping them up, and that is communicated in their look and feel. When you hold a ceremony and recognize an employee with a challenge coin of this variety, you really make a statement.


Realistic Considerations

Most people who work for you aren’t pursuing the passion which drives them. This may not be the case with your company, but it’s going to be the case with most companies. Most of the time, gainful employment has more to do with drawing a wage than it has to do with chasing down dreams. So recognize that, and those who excel in their regular activities despite not enjoying them. That takes chutzpah!

When you’re recognizing employees, providing for them, and working with them, you’re going to make them feel more appreciated. More appreciative employees are good for those without your company looking in, and those within your company looking out—all-around, you’re looking at a win-win scenario.

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