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Elephant Armor System, bringing peace of mind to indoor playgrounds

Tom Luzader

Tom Luzader, President and Founder of the Elephant Armor System bringing peace of mind to indoor playgrounds joins Enterprise Radio. The product is the first disinfectant approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in 30 years.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Tom Luzader discuss the following:

  • What is the Elephant Armor System and why did you create it?
  • Do you feel play centers are clean and safe for children to play in for the most part?
  • What is a quick service restaurant or otherwise known as QSR using today to clean play centers?
  • Why do you feel there is no legislation currently in place to mandate the cleanliness of play centers?
  • What were some of the concerns parents had for the cleanliness of QSR’s when you conducted your focus group?
  • What is the product you use for cleaning?
  • How would a QSR owner go about applying the system?

Duration: 16:48

Tom Luzader, grandfather of seven, is the President and Founder of Elephant Armor. Being a natural entrepreneur since birth he has owned four different businesses, but this one is the one closest to his heart. Disturbed by the current method and lack of standards associated with the cleaning of playscapes in public use areas, he created Elephant Armor to be a non-toxic disinfectant process that helps bring back play in a healthier way.

Luzader was born in Huntington, West Virginia to a large family. His mother was one of ten children that lived and was raised on a farm and they grew up with modest means where playing outside rather than playing with high tech gadgets, were common for play.

Luzader’s family moved to Phoenix, Arizona at a young age and Luzader has been part of the Phoenix community now for over 50 years. Hard work was instilled early on in Luzader and since a young age he worked in many different roles and owning several different businesses from being a mechanic to purchashing a franchise from Snap-on Tools. He quickly became the Vice President of Sales and Training for Western National Warranty Corp, and later the Vice President of CAN Insurance when it was acquired. During Luzader’s tenure at CAN, the company grew by 300 percent.

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Website: www.GetElephantArmor.com

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