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Education today is far away from just reading textbooks and articles from scientific journals. Your knowledge cannot be measured on your writing assignments, especially when you can buy a research paper and get a good mark for it. Today we gather information from the internet and all its resources, including podcasts.

If you enjoy listening to informative podcasts, chances are good that you might be a person who’s interested in hearing more about the world and the things around you. And also get some courses for free to save some money and time.

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On the Internet now are a number of educational podcasts that spoke about the ways that nature works, and the ways that science explains things that were called magic a few hundred years ago. It’s important not to get lost in education jungles, so here is a list of podcasts that can make you more educated.

Revisionist History

Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History can capture your mind with the overwhelming historical view. It’s like magic when he turns all the facts and details into one whole picture that will explain the reasons and consequences of almost everything in history in a very fascinating form.

Encyclopedia Womannica

How many famous women can you name? Encyclopedia Wommanica will help you to name an even bigger amount! This podcast series tells us about women who invented things, who were spies and warriors, who were awesome in one or the other way and then forgotten. But now they are remembered. Different times and cultures will open their doors for you to look at how women improved the world.

Stuff You Should Know

You’re not into history? Okay, let’s try everything. Literally. More than ten years Stuff You Should Know telling you, well, the stuff you should know. They have episodes on everything – culture, science, biology… Name a thing and they probably have a podcast on it. Despite the podcast being informative, mistakes are present. But people claim that it’s not what can ruin the joy of listening to it.

99% Invisible

If you are interested in architecture and design – you should try Roman Mars’s podcast. Over four hundred podcasts will turn you to the world of trends you see in every place you’ve been. Why do people do their homes in that way? Why are baseball stadiums allowed to be of different sizes? What is the impact of s-pipe? Dive into the “why didn’t I think about this before” world!

Overheard at National Geographic

National Geographic is a legend in the world of people who love nature. Now in audio! You can listen about hidden places in the world, dive into the subway along with underwater archaeologist’s research, visit a safari, and become closer to the Earth. These podcasts are not connected to each other and are short (less than 30 minutes), so it’s easy to pick a random one and learn more in a short time.

You Are Not So Smart

Knowledge is nothing if you can’t weigh your words. The author of this article was sure that lemon has more sugar than a strawberry. It is so, but only when we speak about a single fruit and berry. They are obviously so different in sugar contain per one gram. So, it’s time to think about things you know and rationalize facts you sure are true. David McRaney’s podcast will help you with it.

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