Developing a Software Package: Know the Problem – and your Customer

David Hernandez, Head of U.S. Operations for Elecosoft, which enables companies across a broad range of industries to drive efficient operations through the use of market-leading, integrated software joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest David Hernandez discuss the following:

  • Please provide a description of exactly what Elecosoft does and the various software packages you offer.
  • Though you’ve created these packages – especially your flagship product – for the construction industry, they can actually be used in other industries. Did you develop your products with this flexibility in mind?
  • Given that one of the main reasons for projects failing is the schedule, why don’t more construction companies emphasize schedule quality?
  • There are a number of competitors in your space. How does Elecosoft differentiate yourself, especially from the big-name brands?
  • You relied heavily on input from industry professionals in developing your product. What was this so important to you? Didn’t you know what the industry needed, since you’ve had so much experience in it?

David Hernandez’ background includes years of hard work that have allowed him to efficiently execute and deliver on the processes and responsibilities needed to successfully accomplish his goals. He has held numerous positions in sales, business development, and management, culminating in his arrival at Elecosoft in July 2022.

While Hernandez has held a variety of titles, most of his experience has been in the construction sector. Before joining Elecosoft, he was Head of Sales at eMOD, a construction safety software platform. He began his professional career as a Media Consultant at Yellow Book USA, a company that provides digital and print marketing solutions. He also served as a high school basketball coach for 14 years.



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