Customer Journey Videos: 3 Tips for Mapping the Path from Discovery to Conversion as a Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing done right remains a powerhouse tool for businesses for a reason. Primarily, there remain many effective ways to strategically market to an audience. Take customer journey videos for example. 

They can be very effective and so here are 3 tips to get you started. 

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Segmented Storytelling

Segmented storytelling is tailoring your message to fit different stages of the customer journey. It means creating specific videos for each step of the way, which can really help connect with your audience and guide them toward making a purchase.

You want to:

  • Identify customer journey stages: Start by figuring out the different phases your customers go through, from first hearing about your brand to hitting that “buy now” button
  • Craft stage-specific content: Make videos that match each stage of the journey. For example: For the “just finding out” stage, cook up a cool brand story video that grabs attention and introduces your brand, in the “thinking it over” phase maybe showcase your products in action with demo videos, and when they’re about ready to pull the trigger, share testimonials or case studies to seal the deal
  • Keep it consistent: Make sure all your videos feel like they’re part of the same story so that your brand stays strong throughout the journey

Interactive and Personalized Content

Interactive stuff in your videos—like quizzes or polls—makes viewers feel more involved. It’s a way to spice up the watching experience and learn more about your audience as well. 

You want to:

  • Pick interactive features: Choose the fun stuff that gets viewers tapping, like quizzes or clickable bits
  • Gather data: Use tools that track what viewers do in your videos, so you can learn what they’re into
  • Make it personal: Take what you’ve learned and use it to tailor future videos just for them. Show them the stuff they’re interested in, and watch engagement shoot through the roof

Multi-channel Distribution and Retargeting

Getting your videos out there on different platforms is key. And if someone watches but doesn’t buy, retargeting gives you another shot at sealing the deal.

You want to: 

  • Find your platforms: Figure out where your audience hangs out online, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or somewhere else
  • Spread the love: Put your videos on all those channels so no one misses out
  • Track and retarget: Use tools to see who’s watching but not buying, then hit them up again with targeted ads

Customer journey videos aren’t just about cool content— they’re about guiding your audience from “just browsing” to “let’s do this!” By using segmented storytelling, interactive content, and savvy distribution strategies, you can meet your audience where they are, keep them engaged, and ultimately drive those all-important conversions. So, next time you’re planning your video marketing strategy, remember these tips!

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