Viktoria Palushaj, CintrinGroup

Current state of the national economy with Viktoria Palushaj of CitrinGroup

Viktoria Palushaj

Viktoria Palushaj, and economist and market analyst at CitrinGroup – an investment advisor in Birmingham, MI joins Enterprise Radio. Viktoria discusses the current state of the national economy and what entrepreneurs should be looking for.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Viktoria Palushaj discuss the following:
  • What is CitrinGroup?
  • What responsibilities do you have as a Market Analyst?
  • What is the current state of the national economy?
  • What should entrepreneurs be looking for as positive or negative signs regarding the economy?
  • If you have to state just one message for entrepreneurs about the economy, what would it be?

Duration: 13:15

Viktoria Palushaj began her career at CitrinGroup in 2011 and serves as its Economist. Her primary responsibilities include monitoring and commentary on market, economic, and portfolio related activity. Ms. Palushaj is Chair of the firm’s Portfolio Optimization Committee and reports to the Director of Investments, providing research and analysis to CitrinGroup’s proprietaryModel Portfolio Construction and Implementation (MPCI) process. Within this role, Ms. Palushaj recognizes the growing importance of understanding the implications of macroeconomics and economic policy in today’s globalized financial world.

Ms. Palushaj received her B.S. in Economics from Oakland University. As a committed academic in the field, she is a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon, an international honor society in economics.

Continually seeking to convey her message on global circumstance and portfolio management in open forums, Ms. Palushaj speaks to audiences throughout the country. She is often featured in the media, serving as a source for journalists internationally as she aims to improve global market conditions while maintaining a proactive voice for clients of the firm.



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