Cracking the IT Code: IT Management for Non-IT Managers

Anthony Butler

Anthony Butler, the CEO of Can-Do Ideas, a leading Digital Marketing Firm, and the Author of Cracking the IT Code: IT Management for Non-IT Managers joins Enterprise Radio.  Anthony is also a West Point graduate and former Airborne Ranger who commanded an infantry company in Iraq.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Anthony Butler discuss the following:

  • Why did you write Cracking the IT Code and how does that tie into your new company, Can-Do Ideas?
  • Small businesses seem to struggle with IT Management. Why do you think it is so hard?
  • The headlines have been full of the news of large companies and government organizations that were hacked and had their information stolen. What can business owners do to stay safe?
  • Everyone wants to save money. What is the ONE thing a company can do to save money on their IT costs?
  • Cloud Computing seems to be everywhere. How do we make sense of it and where should a company start?

Duration: 11:58

Anthony L. Butler is a lifelong technologist and serial entrepreneur. He has founded three businesses and is currently the CEO of Can-Do Ideas, a leading digital marketing firm. Anthony is a professional speaker and as a combat veteran, former Airborne Ranger, and graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, his talk, “Combat Leadership for Business” has garnered rave reviews as well as his talks on “Technology Management and Success.” Often described as the CTO or Chief Translation Officer, his greatest skill may be the ability to take a complex technological idea and make it easy to understand. He is the author of numerous articles on leadership, sales, marketing, and technology.

Cracking the IT Code: IT Management for Non-IT Managers


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