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Connecting you to the ethical food companies

Posted: April 23, 2020 at 5:45 pm / by / comments (0)

Paul Hellier, surfer, environmentalist, entrepreneur and Founder of Fair Food Forager, connecting you to ethical food companies to make the world a better place joins the Green Business Podcast Show.

Listento hostEric Dye& guest Paul Hellier discuss the following:

  1. Could you share with our audience a little about fair food forager and what inspired you to create it?
  2. Help me understand what exactly an ethical business is and why it is important for businesses and society as a whole to consider the ethical implications?
  3. What has been your biggest challenge since the founding of fair food forager?
  4. What advice would you offer to business owners who want to become more ethical?
  5. What are some common-sense steps consumers can take to improve their lifestyles and become more ethical?

Summary: With the increased use of plastic, means there’s an increase in litter throughout our cities, oceans, and waterways, contributing to health problems in us and animals. If you are wanting to become more ethical in your home try something simple like reducing the single-use plastic. Join our Facebook community, connect with like-minded people and receive regular tips on being ethical and stay up to date industry news. Be a part of something bigger.

Fair Food Forager is an Ethical Food Directory web and mobile app, designed to make it simple for you to find the most ethical and sustainable food options wherever you are.

Within a few clicks, you can choose to support a business that deserves your money. A business chosen by your peers as making a real effort to care for our planet by reducing their impact. After recognising a food venue for its current efforts, we aim to assist further and together create a sustainable food system.

As a community, we are celebrating those who are reducing food and plastic waste, consuming less meat, supporting sustainable seafood, local produce and the ethical treatment of animals.

Put simply, with Fair Food Forager customers no longer have to settle for over-packaged, wasteful, unethical food, transported halfway around the world simply because they are hungry and time-poor.

Fair food forager makes the planet a better and safer place for you, your family, friends and businesses by Making Ethical Easy!


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