Comparing the Dollar and Bitcoin: Differences and Similarities

The dollar is a fiat currency that is legalized by the government and circulates as per the rules and regulations of the government. It is like a traditional currency that the use of Bitcoin by the citizens began around 2000 years ago. On the other hand, bitcoin is a new currency that was introduced to the world in 2009, just 13 years before, by a pseudonymous person known as Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Bitcoin is also a currency, but Nakamoto has designed the system of the bitcoin network so uniquely that it works in a completely different way than the dollar. In this article, we will try to find out what differences these two currencies carry and how we can be beneficial from them.

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Difference Between Dollar and Bitcoins

  1. The basic difference between them is their appearance. The dollar is a fiat currency or a paper currency. It is a printed currency that is printed on paper.

Bitcoin is not a paper currency. It is a digital currency. It has no physical appearance and can’t be printed. It only circulates through a digital medium that is the Bitcoin Blockchain network.

  1. The dollar is legally authorized by the government and central bank of the US. 

But, bitcoin doesn’t have any third-party interference as it is made as a decentralized currency. No, government and bank rules can be applied to the bitcoin network.

  1. The government issue fiat currencies so as the dollar. The government also determines the rate of it, and the circulation is controlled by the central bank.

But, bitcoin can’t be issued by the government. It is a computerized process as bitcoin circulates only on digital medium.

  1. Transactions through banks take so much time. Especially if you want to send fiat currency such as the dollar to another nation, it will take three to four business days to complete the transaction.

But, bitcoin’s peer-to-peer system and its technology made transactions super-fast and seamless. International transactions take place within ten minutes.

  1. Bank transactions of dollars are very much costly. International dollar transactions are not affordable for so many persons because of the transactional charges and additional changes.

But, Bitcoin’s decentralized feature and direct fund transfer don’t need so much charge. Cross-border transactions need a negligible amount of charge.

  1. On the dollar, government rules and regulations are applied. So, territorial rules are also a concern when you carry them internationally. You can not directly use dollars in the countries. You have to exchange it for the fiat currency of that respected nation.

This doesn’t go the same withBitcoin. This is mainly because the Bitcoin network is globally spread. It is a single network and works the same in different nations. It doesn’t change any rules and regulations for different nations.

  1. The dollar is prone to counterfeiting and double-spent as it is a paper currency. Though it has some security measures and with proper intelligence, fraud can be detected.

With bitcoin, these things can’t happen. Also, bitcoin is highly secure in its cryptographic encryption. Though, as an online currency, online scams can’t be 100% deniable.

SimilaritiesBetween Dollar and Bitcoins

Apart from the fundamental differences, the dollar and bitcoin are related to each other in various aspects.

  1. Valuation: The value of bitcoin in the financial market is actually calculated and determined by a dollar or other fiat currencies like any other product, or you can say the commodity gold. Bitcoin is a digital currency, but, it has no such valuation that indicates its own value. It depends on the dollar because it is the legalized and accepted currency by the government. Currently, bitcoin’s value is 1BTC = $22,244.85 as per 15 June 2022.
  1. Investment: As valuation is determined by dollar, bitcoin investment profits and losses are also calculated in dollar amount. Bitcoin is widely invested by so many user-friendly platforms like the Bitcoin Profit. It offers you easy access to trading in the crypto market. So, if you are looking for a safe and hassle-free trading, you can register here. 


So, these are the differences and similarities between the dollar and bitcoin. Following up with the mentioned above points will help you have an overall better understanding of these two currencies and help you make informed decisions when choosing one.

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