Common myths about leather furniture

Every good thing comes with myths because there are always people making weird assumptions. What’s the most common reason that makes consumers not buy leather furniture? It is usually the thought that it needs extreme maintenance and care. However, the reality is that leather furniture doesn’t need as much care as linen, vinyl or cotton needs.

Leather is tough and that makes it easily maintainable. There are kinds of leather than need more attention than the other types, but it is one type of furniture that stands the test of time. You simply need to vacuum dirt out or use a damp cloth to clean it. Leather conditioner and saddle soap work well for occasional cleaning.

Myths about leather furniture debunked

Before going through the pretty collection in the Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture, have the myths cleared about these types. Following are the myths:

  1. You must be rich to buy leather furniture 

It is the foremost and the most misleading myth about leather furniture. It is true that this type of furniture is more expensive than fabric but people tend to save money in the long-run if they buy good quality leather furniture. Buying leather is a lifetime investment – the statement might seem cheesy, but it is true. Leather furniture lasts you for years without wear and tear. You need to replace fabric sofas in every few years as their fibers fade, wear down and pill with regular use. If you buy leather furniture in installments, you might have extra money going out every month. However, in the long-run, you will know the value for money.

  1. Leather doesn’t last longer than fabric

It is the funniest myth that most people keep saying. Good leather furniture can outlast three fabric sofas. Leather is a natural product and it ages fine as wine. You can see its color change with time, and that’s the beauty of the product. People accept the beauty of leather because that is how it turns out to be naturally. Leather not only lasts as long as fabric furniture does, but lasts way longer than them.

  1. Children and pet damage leather furniture

The third myth is almost coinciding with the second one. This too is an important aspect that we must consider. There are many furniture buyers who believe that this kind of furniture must not be obtained due to different lifestyle or living scenario. However, the truth is, even a person living alone will eventually wear out a product.

Large families, children or animals are not the reason why you should avoid buying leather furniture. People who are still worried about these can coat their furniture with a pigmented finish that gives added protection from pets or naughty children.

  1. Leather absorbs surrounding atmosphere

The thought that leather furniture takes up heat and cold is absolutely wrong. The thought process comes to people who have cars with leather upholstery. Your car furnishing can go from hot to cold with sunlight and air condition. However, this is not same for the people who buy leather furniture for their home. Leather takes the temperature of the body within 10-15 seconds and that makes it enjoyable during summer months or cold season.

Now that you have all the myths cleared about leather furniture, make sure you don’t consider the misconceptions while buying. These are the real facts that will help you shop better and consider why leather is one of the best buys for your home décor. Check out the coolest options online and choose the one you want to beautify your house with.

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