Coming Full Circle: From Military Vet, To Long-Time Educator, To Writer, Turned Entrepreneur

Carol Gee

Carol Gee, M.A., Owner of A Feast Of Words, LLC, a one-woman writing service joins Enterprise Radio to discuss how her career has come full circle: from military vet, to long-time educator, to writer, turned entrepreneur.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Carol Gee discuss the following:

  • How did the leap from working a full time job, to owning your business come about?
  • What do you like about owning your own business?
  • How did the military prepare you for owning your own business?
  • You mention having found your passion, your purpose via your company. Tell us about that. Do you feel that passion for what you are doing, is important?
  • Talk a little about your books…

Before starting her business, Gee spent over 21 years combined service in the Air Force that included 8 years on active duty and 14 years in the Air Force Reserves. She also enjoyed a short stint as a mental health counselor. As such, she considers her ‘books as therapy without the couch.’ She is also a long time educator, (28 years) which includes teaching in the U.S. and abroad, and administration. Five years ago she retired from Emory University after over 21 years, to finally realize a life –long dream of writing–and starting A Feast Of Words, LLC.


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