COLLATERALS Jewelry Company with Carlos Castillo

Carlos Castillo the founder of COLLATERALS Jewelry Company joins eCommerce Radio. COLLATERALS is a special line of Men’s & Women’s accessories for any collared shirt.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Carlos Castillo discuss the following:

  • What prompted you to come up with Collaterals, do you see a void in the market?
  • Who is your typical customer?
  • Some people will look at Collateral Shirt collar studs and think, is it a magnet?
  • Tell us about what eCommerce platform are you using & what was the process of choosing it? How is it working, and share any difficulties you have had along the way and how you resolved them.
  • How do you protect your ideas/designs?

Duration: 15:47

Carlos Castillo is the founder of COLLATERALS jewelry company, as an entrepreneur and product developer, as well as graphic designer, Castillo with over fifteen years experience in the fashion, beauty industry, like many silent designers out there, their creations would be credited to someone else or a simply a Brand name, Castillo has designed many accessories found in the brand-name market today, but after realizing the success and acceptance from the fashion stream in such, Castillo decided to venture out on its own and create a whole different concept for today’s modern man, an innovative and functional patent pending men’s accessory collection ‘COLLATERALS’ These exciting collection launched in June 2011 showcasing an all new era of Men’s Cufflink, Shirt Collar Studs, Tie clip, Key charms, where innovative design meets fashion.

“I have always had a passion for men’s furnishing accessories to enhance my wardrobe. I followed and experienced both Western and European men’s fashion trends but I felt there was something missing, the research I found has helped me create my own collection, COLLATERALS, a special line of Men’s & Women’s accessories for any collared shirt. Now everyone has a chance to personalize their individual style and make a fashionable statement making the routine of wearing a shirt a novelty”.


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