Coco Fresco Pure and Premium Coconut Water of Tim Xenos


Tim Xenos, CEO of Mode Drinks, one of the leading beverage companies in Australia that has recently entered into the US beverage market with the new Coco Fresco Pure and Premium Coconut Water, among other industry trends joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Tim Xenos discuss the following:

  • Tell us something about Mode Drinks, and perhaps a little bit about the beverage industry in Australia. What are the trends there?
  • One of Mode Drink’s newest products, Coco Fresco, is set to enter the US market. From what I read, the US coconut water industry is booming with an estimated $11B sales by 2015! Why do you think we’re experiencing this type of phenomenon or shift in beverage preference?
  • Now, with plenty of coconut water saturating the market these days, what do you think makes Coco Fresco different and better? What are its advantages?
  • I know you are still in the initial introduction phase for Coco Fresco but are there other products that Mode Drinks is planning to introduce to the US beverage market soon?
  • What advice would you share with entrepreneurs who are thinking of taking their product abroad/thinking of breaking into the beverage industry?

Duration: 8:07

Mode Drinks is an Australian company manufacturing a range of non-alcoholic beverages.

Our company is passionate about the products we develop, focusing on the needs of our customers and ensuring they are of the highest standard.

Our products and packaging are of the highest standard, and we strive to promote a healthier lifestyle, using natural ingredients and flavours.

Mode drinks are producers of quality unique beverages. Mode provide a new range of beverage products, including coconut water, carbonated teas. A healthy alternate drink range. All natural, all free of preservatives. Mode drinks is the new source of healthy and refreshing beverages.

Our brands include No Limit, Aloe Verde, Juiced Up, Coco Fresco and Té.

Mode Drinks Logo

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