Chasing the Dream: How to be an Online Jackpot Winner

There is hardly a Briton who has not imagined winning one of those multi-million jackpots and landing into a whole new life overnight. Man or woman, working or middle class – there is an almost even split among the starry-eyed dreamers who regularly partake in various games of chance online, chasing their dream of wealth and luxury far beyond their present means. Today’s information-rich Internet can help increase your chances of winning big by letting you target the most lucrative games – check this handy, real-time jackpot overview for the latest figures!

Winning Big at Poker

Poker remains one of the most popular casino games because of the large role skill and strategy play in winning big. Some of the wildest stories in the casino world involve high-stakes poker, like American waiter Archie Karas who made the move into high-stakes games and famously turned a 50-dollar buy-in into 40 million in one of poker history’s most spectacular winning streak. But for the most successful online poker player of all time, look no further than Brighton-born Chris Moorman who has amassed over 10 million US dollars in online winnings – a truly inspirational story, and he is just getting started!

Spinning the Slots

If you are not a strategy person with nerves of steel and a stone face, there are plenty of other games for you in the online casino. Among them, slots are the most popular choice for fantastic returns on minuscule investments. Norwegian player “Peter” (real name not verified) made a significant splash by playing a progressive jackpot slot game long and successfully enough to bag close to 12 million Euros. Isn’t it exciting how a fruit slot and a starting capital equivalent to 50p can quickly turn into a mountain of cash?

Rolling with the Roulette

Few casino games are as emblematic and famous as the roulette. Equal parts strategy and chance, this game comes with an added sense of elegance and attraction that draw millions of online players in. One of the most famous roulette winners in history is none other than the pride of Scotland, Sean Connery. True to his 007 character, he played and won a handsome sum of money in a Swiss casino by repeatedly betting on the number 17. Connery’s unlikely success is owed to equal parts chance and stamina under psychological duress – a good lesson to all roulette players ever since.

Break the Bank at Blackjack

After poker, blackjack is the most popular casino card game. Its rules are straightforward, there is a lot of good strategy advice available, and the skilled player can lower the bank’s advantage drastically. Kerry Packer famously earned up to 40 million US dollars playing skillful games of blackjack and padding his bankroll quickly with cunning, decisive moves. With blackjack, practice and training pay off more than any other casino game, so it is advisable to try your hand at it before you go to your favourite online casino and play for real.

Big Jackpots, Bigger Dreams

Winning big brought these and many more players luxury, happiness, and recognition like they never dreamed. With some practice and some luck, the same can happen to you!

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