Changing Your Career and Your Skin Really IS That Easy!

Abha Saraswat, the Founder and CEO of Sano Naturals, a natural skincare company that is changing the way we not only look at our skin, but also how we take care of it joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Abha Saraswat discuss the following:

  1. You came from a corporate background to become an entrepreneur.  Can you tell us about what that transition has been like for you?
  2. Can you please tell us about Sano Naturals and how it came about?
  3. What is different about Sano than other brands and what can we expect from your products moving forward?
  4. Your products are luxury products with a reasonable retail price.  Why is that so important to you and who are your typical customers?
  5. Can you please share some insight about your silk mask with us and why it is so special?  What should users expect when using it?

Abha Saraswat, the Founder and CEO of Sano Naturals, has multiple degrees from major universities and has worked in corporate America for years.  She left the corporate world to start Sano Naturals when she discovered how to help heal her own skin.  At that time, she decided to help others change their skin as well, because according to her, “if you help someone change how they look on the outside for the better, you help them change how they feel inside.”


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