Careers That Allow You To Lead A Lifestyle of Luxury

If there’s one thing everyone dreams of, it’s the ability to live a life of luxury. It might surprise you to learn that that lifestyle is not out of reach. Some careers will allow you to live life to the fullest.

That’s right. No more living paycheck to paycheck. With these careers, the fastest cars, the finest cuisine and the fanciest clothes are all right here at your fingertips. Whether it’s cardiology jobs in Ohio or a programmer’s paradise in Silicon Valley, you’ll see that the lifestyle you’re dreaming of is close at hand.

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In no particular order, here are the best careers that allow you to live a life of luxury.


Accountants carefully manage numbers and keep finances in check. They’re experts in facts and figures. The field of accounting is huge. It includes tax professionals and actuaries, along with many other careers. Certified public accountants (CPAs), in particular, have room for exponential vertical growth throughout their careers. The average starting salary is comparatively small for an accountant, and it might seem as though this career isn’t worth the cost of the required bachelor’s degree.

You’d be surprised! With just a few years of experience, the annual salary starts to soar into the six-digit range. Accountants are consistently ranked as some of the happiest workers in the country.

Life Coach

Life coaching is a relatively new profession that is rapidly gaining popularity. As people become more aware of the importance of living a fulfilling and meaningful life, they are increasingly turning to life coaches for help. A life coach is someone who helps clients identify their goals and create a plan to achieve them. While life coaches come from all walks of life, they share one important quality: they are passionate about helping others reach their potential.

If you are interested in becoming a certified life coach, the first step is to gain an understanding of what the profession entails. This means learning about the different approaches to life coaching and the various methods that coaches use to help their clients. It is also important to gain an understanding of the challenges and rewards that come with being a life coach. Once you have a good understanding of what it takes to be a life coach, you can start taking steps to achieve your goals.

Software Engineer

Software engineers work with code. They’re responsible for carefully crafting every bit of software you interact with, from your operating system to this very website.

Some of the wealthiest men in the world got their start as software engineers, so it’s little wonder that this career makes the list. A software engineer’s salary can be truly mind-boggling, but the career path is so wide and varied that it’s hard to speak about it broadly.

Software engineers typically get bachelor’s degrees in computer science, but that’s far from required. In fact, many software engineers learn and master a programming language from the comfort of their own home. With such a low barrier to entry, it’s no surprise that so many turn to this career as their path to wealth.

Advertising Manager

Some people are born salesmen. They might start on the floor of a used furniture store, but eventually, they feel the need to do something more. Chasing their dreams, these people become advertising managers.

Advertising managers run and direct entire firms of marketers and salesmen. This line of work makes a ridiculous amount of money, but the exact amount is usually highly contingent upon the ability of the advertising manager to secure clients.

Unlike some of the careers listed here, advertising managers don’t require much in the way of education. A master’s degree can increase their salary and their attractiveness to clients, but even those without a college degree at all can make the cut if their pitch is attractive enough.


Dentists make a lot of money. Most dentists operate their own private practices, so it’s best to think of a dentist as a highly trained small businessman. In other words, their salary and the amount they make becomes contingent upon the ability of their dentist’s office to thrive and succeed. Other dentists instead work at major hospitals, where they earn a steady and consistently high salary.

Dentists go to school for a long time. Dental schools are, in fact, some of the most prestigious and demanding institutions in the country. Breaking into the dental field requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but the end result can be quite rewarding for those who try.


Cardiologists manage the heart and keep it safe and healthy. There are several different types of cardiologists, from cardiothoracic surgeons to interventional cardiologists.

Cardiology, as a career, has seen a huge upswing in demand over the last 10 years. There are job openings almost everywhere that you look. This is evident across the country, but there are a particularly large number of cardiology jobs in Ohio. Cardiologists often operate in hospitals or smaller associations.

Cardiologists are well-trained. They, like all other doctors, must pass a medical school’s exacting requirements and endure four years of rigorous education. They then need to be selected for a residency in internal medicine, which can be difficult. They then need to catch the eye of a cardiology fellowship and serve additional time studying with them. If they can overcome these obstacles, a bountiful career awaits.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers concern themselves with extracting oil out of the ground. These engineers don’t just drill; they actually plan out every phase of oil acquisition. They’re paid well for that task. After all, precious petroleum is sought after by entire countries and enormous corporations.

Petroleum engineering does have a downside, though. Petroleum engineers need to go where the oil is, which means they can spend weeks on a rig out in the ocean. That means long hours away from your family out in the middle of nowhere. Some people enjoy that lifestyle, though, and even those that don’t find that they have a luxurious lifestyle waiting for them back on land. Petroleum engineers get very long vacations compared to most other careers.


Like doctors, lawyers require eight years of education. Unlike with medical schools, though, which law school you go to makes a huge difference. The lower-ranked schools, unfortunately, aren’t nearly as lucrative for prospective lawyers as more prominent schools.

That’s one reason there’s such a range in the prospects of lawyers. Some lawyers will be well-off, but they won’t reach the heights of luxury. Public defenders are perhaps the most notable example, but many lawyers decide to go into other fields because of a lack of pay.

Those who attend good schools, have good connections and work hard have another option. They get established in prominent law firms and make more than almost every other profession on this list. For those lucky few, they truly are living the life of luxury.

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