Can You Buy Anything With Cryptocurrency?

In the United States and around the world, Bitcoin and its cryptocurrency counterparts are making a push to become everyday money. But is there any efficacy of its ability to be used? There are some limits to how and where you can spend it but taking certain life measures can open new possibilities for expenditure. No morning waking up with night sweats worrying about it, here are some of the ways you can, and can’t, spend the cryptocurrency.

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How to get crypto.

Before you can start spending, you have to own currency. Since this isn’t something you can physically touch with the human body, you’ll want to find a reliable online location. Places like are a great website for starting your search. They can help select a Bitcoin wallet (remember, you don’t physically touch it), as well as an exchange account. Once you’ve done that, they’ll be able to move to the next steps. Your region of the world determines where you’ll exchange your money. U.S. citizens would obviously select the Americas, while people outside the United States might opt for a different region. To buy, you simply go to your exchange account and purchase using one of the bank or credit card accounts. To sell, you move money from your Bitcoin wallet to your exchange account to receive the currency you want. It’s akin to digital or synthetic versions of currency exchange.

Where you can spend crypto.

In theory, as long as you have the setup previously mentioned, you can spend crypto on anything. You just need to exchange it first. Proponents of Bitcoin would agree with me, but that’s not actually using cryptocurrency for purchases. Currently, over 100,000 businesses across the world accept Bitcoin. A few of the biggest names that do are Expedia and Microsoft. In the world of cellphones, AT&T has started to allow clients to use crypto as well. Home Depot allows its customers to purchase goods with the blockchain, as well.

Overstock is another retailer that takes the currency. They’ve even begun to develop businesses related to cryptocurrency. Their acceptance of the digital currency could be a sign for other large corporations to follow their lead. An industry that also lends itself to crypto purchases well is pornography. Since many people hide their higher libido from the world through porn, an anonymous purchasing system aligns well with the product, as well as a combination of other currencies. Various other items sold in the industry can be bought, like lotions, gels, and vaginal creams. Some smaller retailers will take the currency as well, though many of them don’t offer refunds for items purchased with Bitcoin.

Where you can’t spend crypto.

Though there are numerous businesses that will accept cryptocurrency, there are thousands that still don’t. Two of the most noticeable retailers that don’t take Bitcoin are Amazon and Walmart. These giants of the industry could influence the quality of life for those who use the blockchain if they continue to shun their purchasing power. Many local grocery stores and gas stations currently don’t accept Bitcoin at the counter or pump.

There isn’t a massive market for crypto in the medical field either. More specific treatments like bio-identical hormone therapy are won’t accept crypto as a payment for tablets, creams, or other forms of administering hormone therapy. A few health care providers’ offices will, but there are vastly more that don’t—not even for symptom relief medical treatments. If you are suffering from breast cancer, menopause, or need conventional hormone therapy, it might be best to use a traditional payment method to pay for blood tests and capsules.

One of the most ironic places that cryptocurrency wasn’t accepted was at a Bitcoin convention in 2018. Though this turned out to just be an oversight, it didn’t boost confidence in blockchain as a credible currency. For many of the companies that won’t take crypto, it is important to note that you can often find gift cards or other workarounds to use your blockchain currency to pay for it.

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