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You’re not an impersonal person. You might be highly gregarious or highly introverted or somewhere in between– but talkative or not, you love people. The people in your life matter to you. You love the personal touch that comes with life. You love it when people know they matter to you. That’s why gift-giving, to you, is an extremely important process.

As far as you’re concerned, finding the perfect gift for someone does not entail getting a gift card. (Unless they desperately want a gift card.) For you, the right gift is something no one else could have found. It could be flowers germany or real flowers holland or something personal, something clever, something you did not find off a, “Ten Gifts for Men,” blog. When your someone opens his or her gift, it can’t be socks. 

The problem with this personal gift giving is that it can get overwhelming. Foraging through stores trying to find unique gifts? Exhausting. By nature, most unique gifts don’t wind up in stores–otherwise they wouldn’t be unique.You’ve got to take your hunt elsewhere, like the internet.

Most parents have, by now, realized that they can buy their children’s gifts online. After all, a kid requires less of that personal touch, and more an acknowledgement that you’ve seen their heart’s desires. A hour on Amazon, and everything they asked Santa Claus for is coming in the mail. That part is easy. It’s easy to remember that online shopping can be used for a pre-made list, but some of us forget that the internet can help supply those truly unique gifts–and all with incredible ease.

If you’re buying for adults, gifts can be trickier. That’s where the internet comes in to save you. Even for coworkers who are hard to be as personal with, a few clicks and you’ll still have found them something they’re excited about. You can browse for chic vapes or cheap liquor and order it even from places like Woodbridge, New Jersey!

Perhaps the greatest place to find unique gifts is Etsy: handmade items from all around the world. Whether you want to give a friend a geeky Stranger Things art print, or a skeleton leaf lantern that glows like stained glass, you can find your friends something stunningly one-of-a-kind with a quick search on the Etsy homepage.

Even though the method of gift-buying is rapidly changing, gift giving will never change. Not for you. You’ll always be the one who, without fail, excites cries of, “How did you find this?” “Oh my gosh, this is amazing!” “I’ve never seen anything like this! I love it!” You consider it your speciality–special gifts. Gifts so perfect no one else could find them. You’re a little bit of a master at that.

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