Business Tips: An Easy Guide to Improving Your Funnel Hacking Strategy

Funnel hacking is a process that can help you improve your marketing strategy by identifying and exploiting weaknesses in your sales funnel. It can be a great way to increase conversions and improve your ROI. But, funnel hacking can be tricky, especially if you’re new to it. This guide will help make the process easier and show you how to get the most out of your funnel hacking strategy.

Host Webinar to Increase Your Revenue

Professional webinars are a great way to sell your product online, with live video demonstrations and presentations explaining the benefits of using such products/services in an interactive manner that can increase revenue in no time. 

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Users feel more comfortable buying expensive products when they can see, test, and ask questions during a live demo, ultimately increasing conversions. Additionally, webinars are also great for lead generation. Focus on what you’ll learn in the funnel builder secrets webinar to improve your funnel hacking strategy. You can have your potential customers register beforehand to reserve their spot, making them look seriously interested in what you’re selling hence increasing the probability of having them on board with converting later on.

Evolve Your Data Model

You need to find a way to extract the maximum amount of data from your website visitors. Using simple page tags and codes will not be enough to extract the correct information. 

You need an evolutional data model that includes at least these portions: 

  • IP Address 
  • Location
  • Browser/OS Versions
  • Language Preference
  • Device(Mobile or Desktop) Type

Then extract important metrics from this data such as Bounce Rate by Country, Average Time spent on Site per Session, Conversion Rates by Traffic Channel, etc. That is how you can get a more detailed picture of your users’ behavior and fine-tune your marketing strategies accordingly.

Make Use of Spying Tools

Learn how competitors use their funnel hacking strategies by spying on them. Many online tools provide this service for free or at a low fee. But ensure you don’t violate any terms and conditions while using these tools. Some of the popular spying tools that you can use are:


Unbounce is one of the most used funnel hacking tools by marketers from all over the world. It provides several features such as A/B testing, heatmaps, etc., to get a better picture of what your users want from your website and how you can improve it accordingly. Just sign up with Unbounce and install their snippet in your page source code to start tracking user behavior on your website.

Use Social Media Monitoring Tools to Improve Your Funnel Hacking Strategy

There are several online monitoring tools that you can use to learn what people talk about your business. This information is beneficial in improving your funnel hacking strategy because it’s not just about using data that is readily available but also about learning from others’ voices and adapting them for your company and products. Some of the most popular monitoring tools include:


A mention is an excellent tool if you want to monitor user mentions on all sorts of social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and more in one place without having to sign up on each website separately. You need to add the name of your business, and mention will do the rest for you by searching through all kinds of social media channels to find every bit of referencing content that users publish about you. You can then sort them by period or most popular one to act accordingly.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another great tool that allows you to monitor everything related to your brand on most social media platforms in one place without having to search for each update on different websites separately manually. It also provides several useful features like advanced analytics and engagement, which are very helpful in further refining your funnel hacking strategy.

Publish New Blog Posts Regularly to Improve User Experience

Regular blogging is a great way to improve the probability of getting more people on your sales to funnel. It helps nurture leads and improve user experience by publishing new articles every week with valuable information that you think your existing and potential customers will find helpful. You can also use blogging to answer questions about your company, business, or products, which will help build trust among them for future business opportunities and conversions afterward.

In summary, there are several ways in which you can improve the quality of leads that come to your business using different marketing mediums, making them more likely to convert into customers. This post helps marketers with lead generation tips and tricks by focusing on simple yet highly effective ideas like webinars and paid ads for increased conversions.

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