Building Your Brand With Facebook

Building Your Brand With Facebook

with Aaron Greenwald

Aaron Greenwald is the young entrepreneur behind BOLD Organics, a delicious line of gluten-free, dairy-free pizzas & joins us on Facebook Radio.

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For some people, taking a year out of school might involve a trip to Europe. For Aaron Greenwald, it meant starting a premium frozen pizza business. Aaron’s interest in gluten free and dairy free foods stemmed from his competitive tennis days in high school. Looking to shed some weight and get more energized and focused, Aaron took to his Mom’s advice to take gluten and dairy out of his diet, which ultimately caused Aaron to lose almost 20 pounds within a couple of months.

He began searching for a good tasting allergy sensitive frozen pizza but failed to find one. Inspired by the lack of taste and variety of specialty pizzas in the supermarket, Aaron got creative and started experimenting with his own pizza toppings.

As a freshman majoring in Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis, Aaron found himself gravitating towards courses where he could cultivate his entrepreneurial spirit. It was eventually a project for a Introduction to Entrepreneurship class that turned into the blueprint for BOLD Organics.

A hard to impress professor and a tepid grade on that project did not deter Aaron. Three months later, BOLD Organics was born. Progress was rapid, and within a few months Aaron was meeting with food brokers and upscale supermarkets all over the US. To a young entrepreneur, walking into business meetings with some of the biggest players in the food industry can be daunting, but Aaron soldiered on unabated. Convinced that the idea for a great tasting gluten free and dairy free frozen pizza product was unmatched on the market, Aaron decided to bring renowned Chef Eric Brenner on board to perfect his recipe. Together they built BOLD Organics into a unique range of great tasting gluten-free and dairy free frozen pizzas that are extremely healthy, offer great value to the consumer, and use only the highest quality ingredients.

Old enough to start a business but not quite old enough to rent a car or buy a cocktail, Aaron and his entrepreneurial vision are making an impact on the frozen pizza and gluten and dairy free market. BOLD Organics is giving consumers the opportunity to enjoy delicious and healthy pizza at a great price.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Aaron Greenwald discuss the following:

  • Which social media networks do you use for BOLD Organics?
  • Have you been receiving feedback on the product through social media and website channels?
  • How do you use the BOLD Organics website and a source of information and updates for consumers to keep them engaged and coming back?
  • Do you see social media becoming increasingly important for BOLD Organics as the brand grows nationwide?
  • Does having a renowned chef on your team help with generating interest in the brand?


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