Building Links the Smart Way: Things that You Should Know

With the use of various Google tools, you are able to see which keywords are used by searchers to get to topics that they are interested in. By organizing these by their search volumes, you will be able to see which keywords should be prioritized.

From here, do your research and slowly come up with a well-written article. And just like this, the website content has been created excellently by you or your content writers for hire.

You have to stand out to be on top. One good way to rise above the rest is to have a highly informative meta description for your page. Because the space for these summaries is very limited, every word in it must be important to the message that you convey.

The meta description, therefore, must be written using copywriting principles. Professionals from a good advertising agency can provide useful insights for this. You will likely need to hire some if you have many pages or many websites that require good meta descriptions.

Another good way to ensure your online success is to have many relevant websites posting backlinks to your page. You see, it looks like search engines see backlinks as ‘votes’ for a webpage. The more votes a page has, the better its perceived relevance and usability.

However, you cannot just have any backlink. Not all links are created equal, they say. Read on to learn what types of links are going to be useful for you.

External links are better than internal links.

In the early days of the search engines, all links to a page were treated equally. So, pagemasters utilized internal links–or links from different pages within the same domain–to make it appear that a page is valuable.

However, the search engines saw these attempts at ranking manipulations and immediately put up measures to counteract them. They’ve adapted the age-old saying that what others say about you is a lot more reliable than what you say about yourself. Hence, external links are considered more important now.

Links from popular sites are more valuable than the less popular ones.

If you think that the web is not democratic, think again. Though it seems obvious that more popular sites should have more value, a lot of site owners still fall for the allure of having links in less popular domains that happen to be easy to establish links with.

Links to domains that don’t have any age or content can be valueless.  It might be difficult and challenging, but going through the hassles of convincing established sites to link to your content will bring you the most valuable rewards.

In-text links are better than links in sidebars.

More often than not, a page has these parts: (1) the unique content, which is most probably at the middle of the page, and (2)  the computer-generated contents, which are usually in the sidebars, footers, and headers.

A link that is found within the unique content will be far more valuable than those in other areas of the page. This reflects the search engines’ overall preference for human-generated contents than computer-generated ones. In fact, pages that have more automated than unique content risk losing favor.  

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