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Building and leading a remote team for business success

Kevin Garber of Zlinky

Kevin Garber, the CEO and Founder of Zlinky an image and bookmark manager that helps you transform the hours that you spend consuming content, into a curated garden of ideas joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Kevin Garber discuss the following:

  1. How are remote teams relevant in a post covid world?
  2. What is the type of company that can most benefit from a remote or hybrid team structure?
  3. From the employee’s side – what are the benefits, constraints and risks of working in a remote or hybrid team?
  4. As a CEO, what are some quick tips for building a high quality remote/hybrid team?
  5. As a CEO, what are some quick tips for effectively leading remote/hybrid team?

Conclusion: Remote and hybrid teams are here to stay. CEO’s need to build out their competency around building and leading remote teams if they want to attract and retain high quality team members to work in their business.

Kevin Garber is the CEO and Founder of Zlinky. Kevin is a product focussed and technically minded CEO. Kevin was the founder of several previous businesses, including ManageFlitter, which as Co-founder and CEO he bootstrapped and then scaled to over 4 million users and thousands of paid customers.



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