Breaking Ground – Larry Smith Talks C-Suite Success

G5 Consulting

Larry Smith, Chief Executive Officer of G5 Cultivation, the first ever licensed cannabis cultivation in Las Vegas joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & Larry Smith guest discuss the following:

  • Larry Smith tell us your entrepreneur journey.
  • Share how you ventured into an emerging industry – cannabis/medical marijuana industry.
  • Have you hit any roadblocks with its growth/expansion?
  • What are learning lessons, if any, in the industry thus far? As an overall businessman?
  • Share one of your personal habits that contributes to your success?
  • What are your tools for success?
  • Tell us a story of the biggest challenge that you have faced as an entrepreneur?
  • Anyone (CEO, your dad, a friend etc.) you are inspired by and why?
  • How are you breaking barriers in your own right? The industry?Your own community?
  • Your motto to fellow entrepreneurs is……..”YOUR QUOTE”

A visionary, dreamer and doer, Larry Smith is breaking barriers for the “status quo”. With more than 20 years in business enterprise, Larry is committed to empowering young men and women, within his community, to tap into entrepreneurship and build their own wealth.

Larry’s strong business sense and leadership qualities have led him to become a successful capital investor and entrepreneur. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of G Five Cultivation, the first-ever African-American licensed medical marijuana cultivation farm in Clark County, Nevada. With the steady emergence of the cannabis industry, Larry is also heavily involved in the legislation process in the legalization and development of marijuana laws in Nevada.

As a savvy business leader, Larry is the managing member of G Five Medical Consultants, G Five Media and Square Management. Larry is also the shareholder for various enterprises including LP One, a venture capitalist company that invests in start-up companies and business expansions, Las Vegas based company – Tropical Smoothie and involved in other real estate property.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Larry Smith attended Yauapai Community College, under a basketball scholarship, graduating with an A.A. in Marketing. He returned back to Las Vegas and began working in various business roles such as marketing, sales, business development and operations.

He has a dedicated passion for business and a focus determination on setting up today’s youth for success. Throughout his career, Larry’s strong belief in family and in serving others has driven him continually to strive to make a positive difference in the community. With the support of his family and business associates, Larry is actively involved in several programs throughout the Las Vegas area. His philanthropic efforts include annual contributions to Andre Agassi’s Gents and Basketball program, the Latino Chamber of Commerce’s back-to-school program as well as charitable support to the community basketball league and holiday gift-giving programs at the Doolittle Community Center. Larry is leading efforts to reduce juvenile crime by creating and supporting constructive activities and employment opportunities for the youth.



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