Brandon Taubman on the Importance of Data Science, from Baseball Recruiting to Real Estate Investing

Brandon Taubman, the Chief Information Officer, and experienced data scientist at Stablewood Properties who is known for his time as Assistant General Manager with the Houston Astros, where he combined qualitative analysis with cutting-edge technology and data science to transform the team’s recruiting strategy joins Enterprise Radio. Brandon will discuss the role data science plays in our everyday lives from baseball operations to real estate investing.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Brandon Taubman discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about Stablewood Properties. What challenges and excites you as Chief Information Officer?
  2. What originally sparked your interest in data science?
  3. Prior to Stablewood Properties you worked as the Assistant General Manager for the Houston Astros. What is data science crucial to managing baseball operations?
  4. When you joined the team in 2013, the Astros had averaged a 54-108 record over 3 years. By 2017, Houston won the World Series. What technology did you pioneer during this time, and what role did your analytics crew, or the “Nerd Cave,” have to do with this turnaround?
  5. How does data science aid your decision making on CRE investments and what excites you most about applying machine learning to traditional investing?

Brandon Taubman is the Chief Information Officer at Stablewood Properties, a data-infused real estate investment firm that combines the best of traditional real estate investment with proprietary data analytics and machine learning.

Brandon Taubman is an accomplished data scientist and financial engineer with 15 years of experience within investment banking, sports analytics, and real estate. Prior to joining Stablewood, he led the analytics effort for the Houston Astros as Assistant General Manager. As assistant GM to the Astros, Taubman oversaw the R&D department and scouting departments, where he influenced roster and contract decisions during trade negotiations and arbitration hearings.

Brandon began his career on Wall Street, working for Ernst & Young and Barclays Capital. He lives with his wife Leah in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.


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