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Bootcamp Roadmap to Success in 42 days by Kirstin O’Donovan

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Kirstin O’Donovan the founder of TopResultsCoaching and Bootcamp Roadmap to Success in 42 days joins Enterprise Radio. TopResultsCoaching is a company that specializes in guiding individuals to move forward in their lives and successfully achieve their goals.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Kirstin O’Donovan discuss the following:

  • Why do you think that some entrepreneurs become ultra successful and others don’t?
  • Besides a good business plan, what other skills do you think that entrepreneurs need to have to succeed?
  • How exactly do you help entrepreneurs move forward?
  • You have a Bootcamp for entrepreneurs over 42 days – what exactly does that mean?
  • Why is the Bootcamp ¨Roadmap to Success in 42 days¨ so successful?

Duration: 9:36

Kirstin is the founder of TopResultsCoaching, a company that provides coaching services and skill development training. Kirstin is a Productivity coach, who specializes in helping individuals gain control over their life and to feel more productive and organized to achieve the results they desire in life.

Kirstin’s past experience has included working as a Project Manager for a company specializing in the field of Personal Development, Self-improvement and Goal Setting. She has been studying Personal Development on various topics for over 7 years. She has also worked for many years as an Office Manager, developing and defining the skills of Time-Management, Business organization and Productivity.

She holds various certifications in coaching and she is also a qualified NLP Practitioner. She was born in South Africa and is currently residing in Spain. Kirstin also speaks Spanish.

Kirstin is committed to empowering others to create a life that they desire and build a mindset that will support seeing their dreams and desires turn into reality.

Kirstin is available to present seminars, workshops and coaching services. For more information about TopResultsCoaching, visit or email

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